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Binh Ho Net Worth: How Rich is “House of Ho” Star Actually?



Binh Ho Net Worth

Binh Ho is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur who is known for featuring in HBO Max’s reality series, House of HO. The reality series follows three generations of the Ho family. The Season 2 of the reality series premiered on August 25, 2022. As of 2023, Binh Ho net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

Who is Binh Ho?

Full Name Binh Ho
Date of Birth 1949
Age 73 years old
Born Place Vietnam
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $200 million
Wife Hue Ho

Binh Ho is an entrepreneur originally from Vietnam. He and his wife, Hue Ho owns a lucrative real estate development company in Texas. In addition to that, the Ho couple also owns a bank. In fact, they have achieved huge success through banking and investment.

Binh Ho was born in 1949 in Vietnam. He along with his wife emigrated to the United States nearly a half decade ago. They settled down in the United States leaving behind a war-ravaged Vietnam. Binh and Hue landed in America in a search of better opportunities and a future. When they entered U. S., they didn’t know how to speak English. They later learned English from a woman who used to teach at Schreiner University.

Binh Ho Net Worth & Career

Binh Ho initially worked at a Circle K convenience store after coming to the U. s. After a while, he got a job at an Exxon gas station. The Ho couple started with minimum-wage work. Even though the wage was not enough, they worked hard until they found a better opportunity. After many years of hard work, they were able to achieve their ultimate American dream. Currently, the Ho’s own a  multi-million dollar bank and a real estate development company.

However, there is no detailed information available about their professional endeavors. Binh Ho came into the spotlight after he starred on HBO Max’s reality show, House of Ho. The reality series follows the very rich Ho family. The first season of the series was released on December 10, 2020. After nearly two years, the second season premiered on HBO Max on August 25, 2022. The second season returned to the screen with more drama as the family members continue to balance their luxurious lifestyle with the pressure of their growing families.

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The first season of House of Ho focused on Binh and Hue who are both in their 70s. The series also focused on how they felt about their children’s way of life. Their daughter, Judy found new love after divorcing her husband. While their son, Washington overindulged in liquor and partying. Washington’s married life with his wife, Lesley was about to end due to his party-boy nature. However, at the end of the first season, everything got normal. Washington also chose sobriety to save his marriage. While, Binh and Hue also approved their daughter, Judy’s new life with her new partner.

In the second season, the series introduces two young and extremely good-looking cousins, Kim and Bella Ho. Both cousins were in their early 20s and were still figuring out what they want in their life. Bella’s father, Andy is Binh’s youngest brother. Andy is defined as loud and outrageous by Bella. In the series, she stated that her father has never been perfect despite the fact he has gone through struggles. However, on the other hand, Kim pointed out that her dad is more traditional and supports her mental health and career goals.

Binh Ho’s Wife & Personal Life

Binh Ho has been married to his wife, Hue Ho for a long time. The pair shares three grown kids Their eldest daughter, Judy is a divorced attorney who is raising her three kids. The couple’s middle son, Reagan has not been a part of reality series and has always kept a low profile.

Likewise, their youngest son, Washington is a married man who shares two kids with his wife, Lesley. Along with that, the Ho family also includes a cousin named Sammy and an aunt, Tina. Binh’s youngest son, Washington who often calls him boss, could be next in line to take over all his companies.

Binh Ho Net Worth

Binh Ho has earned an estimated net worth of $200 million as of 2022. He has accumulated a gigantic amount through his various profitable business endeavors. His lucrative real estate development company has been operating for a long time and has developed various residential and commercial projects.

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