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Dhar Mann Net Worth: How Rich is the Entrepreneur in 2023?



Dhar Mann Net Worth

Dhar Mann is an Indian-born American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and film producer. He is best recognized for creating short films on YouTube that revolve around an important moral or inspirational act. As of 2023, Dhar Mann net worth is estimated to be around $250 million.

Career Highlights

  • Dhar Mann is known for his motivational content that helps bring positivity to his viewers.
  • As a businessman, he is the founder of a cosmetics company called “LiveGlam”.
  • According to Dhar Mann, he was broke, depressed, and broke up with his girlfriend when he was 30.
  • He has a huge fan following on social media: 1.5 million+ on TikTok, 1.7 million on YouTube, and 4.7 million followers on Instagram.

Who is Dhar Mann?

Full Name Dharminder “Dhar” Mann
Date of Birth May 29, 1984
Age 38 years old
Born Place Indian
Profession YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Net Worth $250 million
Fiance Laura Avila

Dhar Mann is a YouTube sensation and entrepreneur originally from India. He is popular for sharing motivational content on his self-titled YouTube channel. Mann mainly creates short films through his video production company, Dhar Mann Studios targeting a young audience.

Dhar Mann was born on May 29, 1984, in India. He was born to Surinder and Baljit Singh Mann who emigrated to the United States from India. His parents own a taxi cab operator named Friendly Cab in Oakland. Along with that, they have also owned several local real estate companies since 1980.

Mann grew up with his brother, Harmit in a one-bedroom Bay Area apartment. His family shared the apartment with three other families. Mann revealed that his parents would rather give him money to do things that give him some time. He initially dropped out of school to focus on his business. Later, he returned to pursue his degree at the urging of his family.

Dhar Mann Net Worth & Career


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Dhar Mann started a real estate company at the young age of 19. Within a decade, he founded other companies including mortgage refinancing and ventures in luxury car rental services. Unfortunately, his companies mostly failed in the market.

Mann later founded a hydroponics franchise, weGrow with a former stock broker, Derek Peterson in January 2010. Along with Peterson, he rented a supply store in Oakland through which they sold hydroponics equipment. However, the weGrow store was closed in early 2011 and subsequently, his partner, Derek filed lawsuits against the company citing unpaid debts.

Dhar founded a video production company, Dhar Mann Studios in 2018. The film studio produces films for social media platforms including YouTube. He started publishing videos on YouTube in 2018. Mann mainly focused on making motivational videos.

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Later, he shifted his focus to making morality plays. His videos were described as feel-good videos intended to encourage people to be decent to one another by the biweekly magazine, Vulture. However, A New York Times described his videos as merely based on thin and absolutist moral philosophy with blatant clickbait titles.

After the weGrow store was closed, Peterson accused Mann of running a hydroponics scheme in a Mother jones interview. Following that, Mann’s spokesman accused Peterson of fabricating the allegations in retaliation for his decision to downsize their partnership.

After a while, Mann countersued Peterson for cash and stock settlement in Peterson’s company. The legal battle between former business parents took a new turn within a year. Dhar was charged with 13 felony counts of fraud for defrauding a city beautification program in 2012.

Mann was charged with felony counts while operating his real estate company, MannEdge Properties in the past two years in 2008 and 2009. Nonetheless, his charge was reduced to five felony counts by prosecutors in August 2013. However, he pled no contest to the alleged five counts after a year.

Dhar Mann’s Wife & Personal Life

Dhar Mann's Wife

Dhar Mann is currently in a relationship with his fiancee Laura Avila. He reportedly met Laura after he started his cosmetics company. He then paired up with Instagram influencers to teach live online makeup classes. While in the process, Laura appeared as a model in one of his classes.

When Laura appeared in his class, he put bridal makeup on her, and to cap off the bridal look, Laura wore a full wedding dress and veil. They became close friends after their wedding night and eventually became business partners. Dhar proposed to his ladylove during a magical trip to Paris in September 2019.

Mann and Laura became the parents of their first kid, Ella Rose Mann in early May 2020. He even posted a labor and delivery vlog on his YouTube channel. In the video, he was seen very excited at the prospect of raising his daughter, Ella.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Dhar Mann has earned an estimated net worth of $250 million as of 2023. The majority source of his income comes from his business endeavors and YouTube. Dhar also owns a cosmetics company, LiveGlam, which he started with a capital of $600.

Dhar eventually converted the starting capital to eight figures in annual revenue in less than two years. Along with that, he earns a whopping sum by running Dhar Mann Studios, which he claims to be the fastest-growing social media content creator.


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