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Earn Real Money to Bharat Club App



If you are a student, housewife and any working professional. But money will be important for everyone. Also you lost so much time playing online games. But if we say that you play an online game but win real cash from the game, it is shocking. But it is true.

Bharat Club is the online gaming platform where you register and play different online games like number prediction and color prediction. If you own the game then you get your money double. So read the full post to know all about Bharat club.

Bharat Club Prediction Working 

Bharat club is an online gaming platform where you use your common sense to win money. They are based upon two types of game: one is colar prediction, another is number prediction. 

Here we discussed how the Bharat club application works and how you earn money from Bharat club: 

  • When you download Bharat club [] and install into your phone then your process will start. 
  • First work is to register in the Bharat club platform then login to the app. 
  • After login you go to the home page. In the homepage you will see different color balls and numbers will show to you. 
  • In the bottom side a one minute timer will run.
  • At the timer, a color and a number will appear.
  • So here the main thing is for you to predict the color and the number. 
  • If your prediction will match the outcome then you own it. 
  • In this game you earn double of your money.
  • Example if you put five rupees and you guess right then your winning amount will be ten rupees.
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Withdrawal Process In Bharat Club 

Like a simple game in Bharat club, the withdrawal process is also very simple in Bharat club. To withdraw your winning amount you need a bank account. Also you do not share any confidential things with them. 

You just click on withdraw, then it will show that add a bank. You click on it. After clicking this option the page will open where you enter your bank name and IFSC code and the bank card holder name. It will automatically fetch data that is correct or not. If all the things are right then your payment will be done easily.

Can Bharat Club Available In Play Store 

No, Bharat club is present in the Google Play Store and any app store. The reason is they don’t promote the online gaming platform where transaction cases are available. Also they say that it does not meet their safety criteria.

Also the other thing is our government will ban this type of prediction platform because the government thinks here you do not use any skill that is only best upon probability so it is not legal. So the play store doesn’t take it to his library.


So we think that we will give you both sides of the Bharat club application. If you are an online gaming lover you use Bharat club. Also what is the different reason that it is not present in Google Play Store. 

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