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Increasing Working Memory: A Quick Analysis of Exercise Effects on Encoding



The capacity of our mental performance depends on the power of various memory mechanisms. For example, when we gain a new experience, the data is captured by the working type of memory first. This encoding mechanism, in turn, is needed to hold a small amount of relevant data that gives a sense of continuity in time and indirectly harmonizes our consciousness. In the algorithm of action of our mental system, the working type of memory is particularly pivotal. This is why knowing how to increase working memory aids in shaping superior mental skills and caring for brain health.  Therefore, it is vital to strengthen it. How? Since reading or puzzles are obvious mind techniques, there are more original options to reach the encoding skills — let’s look at some of them.

Ways to Strengthen the Working Type of Encoding 

Your brain’s cognitive capacity which is its ability to withstand the neurological damage of aging can be strengthened with exercise. Exercises to increase working memory should be novel and challenging.

Try these unconventional ideas to get your mind activated. For example, use the opposite hand for routine tasks like brushing teeth. Since memory works by association, data is encoded more effectively if you activate more senses. What else can you do?

  • Test your memory

Create a list of anything, for example, 20 movies you want to watch. Try to encode it as accurately as possible. 

Then, for an hour, do your usual things. After a while, try to recall the list. This is how anyone can stimulate a mental system. 

  • Take up a new cooking recipe
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You activate numerous senses when engaged in meal preparation, and each one activates a different brain area, strengthening it. 

  • Put your taste senses to the test

When you eat, attempt to recognize the various herbs and spices in your food.

  • Improve the synchronization between your hands and eyes

Try taking up a new hobby that can help you improve your fine motor abilities, including knitting, drawing, or puzzle solving.

  • Breaking bad habits is pivotal

Unfortunately, today we can observe that the lifestyle of many people shapes unhealthy eating habits, such as skipping breakfast, having an intense dinner, and even late-night eating. In reality, consuming food at night disrupts memory. A lack of nutrients or dehydration can hinder the intensive and efficient functioning of your brain, so don’t forget to drink an adequate amount of water and eat grains. Keep in mind that fruit juices and soft drinks, such as soda water, coffee, and tea only exacerbate dehydration in your body. Also, don’t ignore healthy sleeping patterns. In today’s rhythm of life, we often try to sleep less in order to have time to do as many tasks as possible. However, in reality, such time-saving is not effective for the functioning of our bodies. A person needs at least five hours for the brain to go through the restoration cycle during sleep.

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