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Nam Laks Net Worth 2023: How Rich the Bling Empire Star?



Nam Laks Net Worth

Nam Laks is a Thailand-born American socialite and fashion influencer. She is also referred to as The Blair Waldorf of Thailand. Nam was given the title not just for her financial, social standing, and fashion sense but also for her sheltered and innocent naivety. As of 2023, Nam Laks net worth is estimated to be around $100 thousand.

Who is Nam Laks?

Full Name Nam Laks
Date of Birth In February 1994
Age 29 years old
Born Place Thailand
Profession Fashion influencer, reality tv star
Net Worth $100 thousand
Relationship Status Unknown

Nam Laks is a fashion influencer and reality star from Thailand. She is well-known for being featured on the Netflix series, Bling Empire: New York. Nam was seen as a student at Columbia University in the first season of the Netflix series. Laks was born in February 1994 in Thailand. She was born as one of three kids to successful Thai business entrepreneur and executive, Nakorn Laksanakarn.

Nam spent most of her early days in Bangkok alongside her two brothers. Regarding her study, she studied at Harrow International School and International School Bangkok. Later, she moved to England to attend the University of Manchester. Then, she attended Columbia University to earn a Master’s degree. She focused on completing her Master’s degree as her father had indicated in the past that he wanted her to get a higher education degree. Following that, she enrolled in a wellness program at the New York School.

Nam Laks Net Worth & Career


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Nam Laks fell in love with New York after she attended the New York School. Even after completing her graduate degree, she decided to stay in New York. However, she had in her mind that if she doesn’t get a job there, the only option she would be left is to return to Thailand. Laks stated in the Netflix series that she is very close to her family, especially to her father. In fact, she is a daddy’s little girl. Though, it doesn’t mean that her dad had always spoiled her. She had a whole list of how to get her daddy to say yes.

The actual reason for her decision to relocate to New York was to step out of her comfort zone and sheltered upbringing. Even though she intended to become an independent lady, she neither had a part-time job nor had control over her extravagant spending habits. In fact, she had hired a personal stylist who would dress her up for school and events.

Laks also lived at the luxury Latham Hotel. Likewise, she had to spend a big amount on branded clothes without thinking about her finances. Nam’s extravagant lifestyle also led her father to have a thought of cutting her off from family if she failed to stand on her own feet in New York following her graduation.

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Laks has worked at fast food for a few months in Bangkok. While working there, she used to hate every second as she believed that she was not just made for it. According to her social media platforms, she has been primarily residing in Bangkok since she graduated from Columbia University in 2022. Although, she is making a few trips to New York and has been apparently dividing her time between New York and Bangkok.

Nams came into the limelight after she was featured as one of the cast members in Netflix’s original series, Bling Empire. She has been appearing in the series since its first season. The second season of Netflix’s series started premiering on January 20, 2023, which follows the extravagant lifestyles of eight cast members. Some of the stars to take part in the new series are Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, Richard Chang, Lynn Ban, Blake Abbie, Stephen Hung, and Vika.

Nam Laks’ Boyfriend & Personal Life

Nam Laks

Nam Laks’ present relationship status is unknown. However, she has been linked up with a London resident named Kristoff. She met him at a bar in the Bahamas. Surprisingly, Kristoff was approached by Dorothy Wang to join his friends Aristidis “Ari” Kourkoumelis and Tina Leung on a relaxing Girls + Blake Abbie trip. However, Tina Leung didn’t show any interest in him. Thereafter, Lynn Ban pushed Kristoff towards Nam. In the beginning, she seemed a bit embarrassed but, in the end, she stayed an extra day hanging out with him.

Dorothy Wang revealed that the only time Nam Laks liked him was when Kristoff told her that he was going to pay for their flight back. Nam mentioned that Kristoff is a really nice guy and she has kept in touch with him via texts. However, it seems that she has friend-zoned him as there is no single trace available of Kristoff featuring on her Instagram feed and stories. Laks is available on Instagram under the user name, @namlaks where she has 8626 followers.

Nam Laks Net Worth

Nam Laks has earned an estimated net worth of $100 thousand as of 2023. She is still exploring her career options and is yet to determine a suitable field that suits her best. Laks might be receiving a hefty sum from being featured on Netflix series, however, her exact salary figure has not got exposed yet.

Some Unknown facts about Nam Laks

  • Her father is a very rich person. He was the CEO of Bangkok-based Natural Park PCL. He also oversees real estate dealings, housing, hospitals, and many more.
  • Her family has an estimated net worth of over $100 million.
  • She spends most of her time traveling between New York and Bangkok.
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