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The Ins and Outs of Purchasing Instagram Engagement



Instagram is a platform where everyone wants attention and popularity. While there are millions of accounts on Instagram, it is very difficult to stand out. To increase the engagement level, many of the users have started purchasing Instagram engagement. There are a lot of platforms where you can buy likes and comments to achieve high engagement. But when you are buying them, you are always stressed there is no kind of scammers involved in it.

I have tried many of the platforms, but most of them provide fake followers with unnecessary comments on the posts. Although purchasing engagement has a lot of benefits, it is important to choose the right platforms. I, myself have tried different paltfoms and can help you to know which are the genuine platforms. Let me help you to know my personal favorite platforms and also help you know the benefits and drawbacks of the platform. 

What are the benefits of purchasing Instagram engagement?

Below are some of the advantages of purchasing Instagram engagement-

  • The biggest benefit of buying the engagement is the increase in numbers. 
  • When you purchase the engagement level on Instagram, you will be getting a lot of followers in less time which will help in saving a lot of time and energy.
  • Having more followers will help you in your personal brand growth.
  • It will help in improving the visibility of your account in the niche.

What are the drawbacks of purchasing Instagram engagement?

Below are some of the disadvantages of purchasing Instagram engagement-

  • It is very costly with no guaranteed rate of return.
  • If someone gets to know that the engagement is purchased, you will be losing your reputation.
  • You may also get banned if Instagram gets to know about it.
  • To save from these problems, let us look at the platforms where you can purchase genuine engagement levels.

Platforms to purchase Instagram engagement from

You to Subs

You may have heard about You to Subs when it comes to increasing followers. It is one of the best platforms as it continuously works on its updates. With the latest update of this platform, they have added new features that make it a prominent platform to get more followers and engagement.

Key benefits of You to Subs

Below I have mentioned the main benefits that you will get using the You to Subs Platform-

  • Real social media users: The first thing you get with this platform is real social media users. Here, you will get the social media users who have been running their personal profiles for more than three months. Using this platform can definitely help you as you may get a follower who is really interested in your niche and decide to follow you in the long run. There will be no bots in your followers which will show authentic engagement. 
  • Increase in engagement: When you get followers from this platform, they will also view your posts, stories, reels, etc. Having high engagement is key to being on the explore page. 
  • Safety: As this platform does not violate any Instagram guidelines, there will be full safety of your account. You will not need to worry about being blocked by Instagram. it will also not ask for an Instagram password. The followers you get by this platform will take several days and not just an hour. By doing this, the platform ensures that it does not look like fake followers. 
  • Flexibility in pricing: The best part of this platform is the pricing flexibility depending upon the type of plan you choose. The starting plan is $0.02 per day for basic engagement including following, viewing, and likes. If you want to have comments and get into close friends then the price will be $0.04 per day. Also, the price will depend on how often you are posting on Instagram. If you are posting less than 14 posts in a week then the price will be lower and if it is more than 15 posts the price will be later higher.

How does the you-to-subs work?

The platform hires people on a freelance basis and assigns them to your profile for a certain period of time. They will follow your profile view your posts, like them, and comment on them regularly. The engagement that you will be getting is authentic as well as consistent. There will be a gradual increase in your followers which will have a positive impact on both your profile’s reputation and further promotions. The platform hires people who meet the following requirements:

  • Profile with personal photos in the feed
  • A minimum of 12 posts in the feed
  • Profile age of at least 3 months
  • There should be a minimum of 40 followers and less than 600 followers. 

These rules have been designed to ensure the safety of a profile promotion. 

Following are the steps that you need to follow to get services from this platform-

Go to the You to Subs platform and tap on Order Followers on the home page.

After that, you will have to register yourself. For this registration, you will have to enter your email and password. Registering yourself is important to get your personal profile on this platform and you will not get any spam messages in your inbox.

Select your profile type and customer, and enter your Instagram username. Now, wait for the system to find your profile on Instagram. Once done, you will have to check the boxes in order to give consent for data processing. When everything is done click on the sign-up option.

After doing it, you will have to go to your personal dashboard where you can get information about your profile. Tap on Order new followers.

You can also check pricing on the checkout page. The cost of the services will depend on how many followers, likes, and comments you need and also on how many posts you are posting in a week. If you are posting more than 15 posts, then you will be assigned with high level of difficulty as the freelancers will have to spend more time on your profile. On the other hand, if there are fewer than 14 posts, it will be marked as low difficulty which will slightly decrease your cost.

There are two types of services that this platform offers – Active and Super active followers. 

In the active followers plan, you will only be getting followers, views, and likes. On the other hand, Super Active followers will also be getting comments and getting yourself into close friends.

If you want to grow organically, you will need to get everything. This is because the number of interactions is directly related to the visit of a new audience. 

Suppose you need 180 likes and 20 comments on each of the posts, you will have to get 200 followers. You can also manually adjust the number of likes and comments on the platform. The main thing that should be taken care of is that the comments should not be maximized as they will look suspicious.

When you complete your setting up profile, you will need to check the boxes to accept the user agreement. You will need to confirm your Instagram page is public and tap on the start a comment option.

The next step is to refill the balance of your account. Deposit the funds and you will have to pay for a minimum of 10 days. 

Select the payment method you want to use. Enter the amount and tap on the pay option. Once done, you will go to the payment system page and have to enter your personal details. 

You are finally Done! Now, you will have to track the progress of the orders you have made so far. Here, you will also be getting the number of contracts, freelancers, the balance of funds, and the history of payments. 

This platform will also allow you to monitor the performance of each freelancer. If you think that someone is not completing the requirements, you can remove them and get a replacement for them.


The Velesty platform allows you to buy followers, likes, and comments individually as well as in a bundle. This platform will provide promotion services with the help of a real audience and not just bots.

Key Benefits of Velesty

Further, I have mentioned the main benefits that you will get using Velesty Platform-

  • Real social media users: This platform brings real active users of Instagram and gives you assurance that there will be no bot on the platform.
  • Variety of services: Here, you will be getting a lot of services to gain followers, likes, views, and comments. It means the platform will provide you with a lot of services like following and interactions on posts. When there are a lot of interactions with real people, it will help in organic growth. Also, when more genuine interactions are there with the content of the profile, the chances to explore the page increase. The platform is very useful for those who have been on Instagram for a long time and want to increase their engagement.
  • Best result guarantee: When you use this platform, you will get a guaranteed period of 10 to 100 days in which the followers will not unfollow you. It is one such platform that offers such a service.
  • Reliability: As the followers that you will be getting from this platform are real, the platform shows its reliability. You will be getting followers slowly which will make it look like organic growth. As you are not getting followers in just an hour or a day, there will be no risk of getting banned by Instagram.
  • Reputation: As you are getting engagement and followers organically, there will be no harm to your reputation.
  • Security: Again, Velesty guarantees real people followers, you do not need to worry about getting banned on Instagram. It means that there is full security when you are using this platform.
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How does Velesty work?

Go to the official website of Velesty and choose the service you want to take.

After that, you will be directed to the page where the price will be calculated. You will first need to decide the number of followers you require. 

Suppose, you need to get at least 100 likes, you will have to buy 117 followers. Based on these calculations you will also be getting a specific number of comments and views on your posts. 

These estimations are based on the engagement restriction that will guarantee complete security.

After that, you will have to provide your Instagram username. 

Once it is done you will have to decide the duration period you want to have followers. At present, there are four different options available including 10, 30, 60, and 100 days. With this service, you will be assured that the profile will grow gradually.

When everything is done you will have to tap on place an order.

Now go back to the registration window and add your email and password details. Tap on the pay option and you will be taken to the third-party payment system. On this page, you will have to enter the details of the card and pay for the service. 

As it is done, the personal profile on the website is created. When your personal profile is created, you can see your order status and the related terms will be displayed On your screen. If needed, you can also buy an extra service package and extend your guarantee period.


I-Famous is a promotional agency that will help you increase engagement on your Instagram profile with the help of smart technology. Here you will be getting new followers, views, comments, and likes. All the services that you get on this platform guarantee organic growth. 

Key Benefits of I-Famous

Following are the key benefits of I-Famous-

  • Smart Technology: I-Famous uses technology that helps it understand your profile and choose the best audience for it. Obviously, when you do it manually it takes a lot of time. But with the help of this technology, the cost of promotion becomes low and increases efficiency. 
  • Security: The platform does not ask for your Instagram authentication nor offer bots. It indulges in organic methods for promotions and involves ad targeting and influencer collaborations.
  • Integrated approach: This service will help you in boosting up all the important features including followers, engagement level, etc. It results in growth in a balanced manner. Suppose, you have dozens of followers, you won’t be getting your post having thousands of likes from this platform. It will help in showing authentic engagement on the profile.  
  • Real engagement: Here you will be getting real social media users to increase engagement on your profile. It gives you assurance that there will be no bot to follow your account. 

How Does I-Famous Work?

Go to the official website of I-Famous and tap on Start Growing.

Sign up for an account by entering your email, password, and Instagram username.

After that, you will be getting a lot of pricing plans from which you will have to choose the pricing plan that works for you. At present, you can choose from fivr plans depending on the number of likes and comments.

The basic plan allows 30+ likes, 5+ comments, and 100+ followers on your Instagram profile. The price of the bundles will depend on the set of tools.

For example, if you decide to go for the maximum offer, your profile will be supervised by two different people – an experienced marketing specialist and a personal manager. After that, the platform will analyze your target audience, competitors, and other related things which will help them to launch a targeted ad campaign. Not only this, but the agency will arrange influencer collaborations on its own.

Thus, if you just want to increase the numbers you must select the cheaper rates. On the other hand, if you want to get serious engagement in profile promotion take the full set of services. 

Select the plan and tap on the start option. Remember that your profile should be a public profile.

Pay for the plan using the method you want to.

Once you have paid the money you will see the first result in a few days.

If you want to check your order progress, you can easily check it through your personal profile on the website.

You are allowed to buy several packages to help increase your Instagram engagement’s effectiveness.


Zamupa is another Instagram promotion agency that involves methods to help you reach your goal. Here, you will be getting artificial intelligence which will get the likes and comments on your content. You will also be getting smart Instagram ads. This platform will analyze your profile and help understand your niche, language, etc. Due to this, they will collect the information regarding your target audience. Of course, there are a lot of tools and the pricing of this platform is similar to other Instagram promotion platforms. You must try this website which will help to boost engagement on your Instagram profile.

Key Benefits of Zamupa

Following are the advantages of using Zamupa-

  • Real followers: The platform will provide you with real followers which will help to increase the engagement on your profile. There are no bots and no fake profiles. In fact, the followers who will be engaging with your content match your targeted audience.
  • Safety: The safest way to increase engagement on Instagram is by boosting up likes and comments organically. As the followers you are getting on the platform are real, there will be no ban on your profile.
  • High efficiency: When you are using this platform you will be getting real followers. The growth of a profile will be real which will attract real sponsors and help you get on the explore page. 
  • Versatility: This platform is developed for both freshers and experienced Instagram users. For both of the uses, there are different types of techniques that are used. For the freshers on Instagram, there are basic techniques that will help them to get more likes and comments. On the other hand, if you are an experienced user, you will get an expanded set of tools.

How Does Zamupa Work?

The first thing you need to do is to go to Zamupa and tap on Start Growing on IG.

You will be at the page where you will get pricing plans and a price calculator. There are two basic plans that you can take up on this platform- LITE and PRO. 

LITE plan is the one which is for beginners. In this plan, you will be getting basic ad targetting where you will be getting a certain number of followers, likes, and comments. Whereas, PRO is the plan for those who have already using Instagram for a while. In this pro version, there are advanced targeting techniques that will help understand what kind of audience, competitors, and hashtags you have. Based on this information you will be getting real followers and engagement. Always remember that you must not use this plan if there are very less followers and few posts on your Instagram  Instagram handle.

A simple example of this can be explained below-

Suppose you want to get 100 likes then you will need 334 followers, 84+ Stories/Reels views, and 17+ comments on the LITE plan. Whereas, 166 followers, 83+ views, and 33+ comments on the PRO plan. 

Zamupa makes sure that there is no violation of Instagram rules. 

Choose the plan you want and tap on Start Going on IG.

After activating, you will have to complete a quick sign-up on the platform. You will need to enter your Instagram username, email, and password, and will also need to agree to data processing. Once it is done you will have to tap on the sign-up option. 

After that, you will have to choose the payment option that suits you and make payment for it.

Once it is done return to the website and log in to the dashboard. The platform will take a few movements to analyze your Instagram profile. Once done, your Instagram profile will get a real and active audience. In addition to that the number of likes and comments will also increase.

If you want to track the status of your order you can always use your personal profile on this platform. This platform also allows you to get likes and comments for another Instagram profile and the information will be stored in one place.


Instagram promotions have become a difficult task but with the marketing tools, it has become an easy task to perform. Many tools are offering a real audience and not just fake followers or bots. On the other hand, there are tools that will produce only bots and fake accounts. Thus, choosing the right service is very important. Here, I have added proven platforms that will help in building preparation and getting positive reviews. Not only promotions but engagement can also be produced with the help of these platforms. You will get more likes, views, and comments with real followers. Try one of them and boost your Instagram engagement. These are the platforms that I have also used and the results are excellent.

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