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Thomas Petrou Net Worth: How Rich is the Famous YouTuber?



Thomas Petrou Net Worth

Thomas Petrou is an American YouTube and TikTok star who is best known for being the co-founder of the social media collective, The Hype House. He claimed prominence after joining the team of social media influencers on YouTube, Team 10. Thomas is currently getting featured on Netflix’s new series “Hype House”, which started premiering on January 7. As of 2023, Thomas Petrou net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Full Name Thomas Petrou
Date of Birth September 2, 1998
Place of Birth United States
Occupation YouTube, TikTok star
Girlfriend Mia Hayward
Net Worth $2 million

Early Life

Thomas Petrou was born on September 2, 1998, in the United States. He belongs to a well-settled Christian family from LA, California. Sources revealed that his father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife. He also has a younger sister.

Petrou completed his school education at a local High School based in California. Then, he attended a local private University based in Los Angeles. However, he later dropped out of the University to focus on his online career.

Thomas Petrou Net Worth & Social Media Career


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Thomas started off his career by creating a Vine account in 2013. After two years in July 2015, he created a YouTube channel, where he made daily vlogs for 3 years. The channel is currently subscribed by over 1.83 million people. He was previously a member of YouTube star Jake Paul’s content group called Team 10. Thomas joined the team in May 2019, and he remained a member of the group for 3 months before he was fired for an unknown reason in August 2019. 

In one of the videos, he tried to explain what really caused Team 10 to take the decision to fire him. He explained that there were a few complaints about a few things that eventually added up and became an excuse to fire him from the group.

After seven months, he co-founded the social media group called The Hype House, which contains a group of famous content creators who live in an expensive large house in Los Angeles. The Hype House’s original members include Alex Warren, Daisy Keech, Kouvr Annon, and Chase Hudson. 

However, one of the members of The Hype House, Daisy Keech left the group in March 2020 claiming that she felt being left out as all the important decisions would be made by Petrou and Hudson. Daisy even sued Petrou and Hudson over the trademark of the group name.

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Just two months later in May 2020, Petrou was surrounded by another controversy when he was accused of stealing money from other members of The Hype House by Bryce Hall who is a member of the online content creator collective, Sway House. 

Thomas tried to solve the issue between him and Hall by texting him directly stating that they should rather work through their issues on Hall’s podcast. However, Hall was not in the mood of sorting out the problem and posted the screenshot of Petrou’s messages.

Petrou also responded to Hall by posting other interactions between them. The current member of the social media collective includes Thomas Petrou, Chuch Hudson, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Jack Wright, James Wright, Mia Hayward, Vinnie Hacker, Larri Merritt, Connor Yates, Ryland Storms, Nick Austin, Calvin Goldby,  and Michael Sanzone.

In April, Netflix made an announcement of their new reality series that would be providing a glimpse of the daily life of the social media collective, The Hype House. On January 7, the eight-episode reality series was premiered on Netflix.

Some of the big names from TikTok like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Dixie D’Amelio have been a part of the group, however, they have already departed the content group. As an individual, Thomas Petrou is very popular on TikTok. His official TikTok account, petroutv currently has over 8.3 million followers. 

Personal Life


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Thomas Petrou is currently in a relationship with an Instagram star, Mia Hayward. He started dating Mia in 2020, and they made their relationship official in April 2020. Prior to dating Mia, he was in a relationship with a YouTube star, Kayla Pimentel. Thomas and Kayla dated for five years from 2014 to 2019. 

Thomas Petrou Net Worth Timeline

Year Thomas Petrou Net Worth (estimated)
2019 Unknown
2020 $500,000
2021 $1.2 million
2022/ start of 2023 $2 million

As of 2023, Thomas Petrou’s personal earning is estimated to be around $2 million. He has earned a huge amount from making videos on YouTube and TikTok. His annual income from YouTube is estimated to be around $500 thousand.

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