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What tools to use to make high-quality video effects



In order for a video to attract a lot of viewers, you need to make it as high quality as possible. For this purpose, it is important to understand how not to ruin your video in the process of creation and processing. Therefore, next we will talk about how to do this.

Use a quality processing app

The fastest way to apply effects is in a specially created for this purpose TikTok editing app. The choice will determine how up-to-date the effects will be and how they will look: near or not. One of the best options where you can make videos-effects In this app you will have the opportunity to create a unique video and at the same time:

  • make it of the highest quality possible;
  • convey the idea as clearly as possible;
  • make it modern.

Additionally, you can be sure that the quality of the video will not suffer. Thus, the best TikTok editing app is the first tool.

A good camera on your phone

This also plays an important role, as a poor quality camera will simply not be able to capture a good video, and in this case, no TikTok video editor will help. The minimum option is considered a resolution of 8–12 megapixels, as with such a camera you can shoot video in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Even better, if it will be possible to shoot video in 4K resolution, for such purposes usually need a camera from 12 megapixels. Here are a few secrets how to ensure the highest quality video shot on such a camera:

  • wipe the camera with a soft cloth before shooting;
  • use a tripod to hold the camera in position;
  • shoot in front of the light source (it should be on the same side as the camera, preferably behind it).
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It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the settings of your camera and watch videos about it on the Internet. You may be able to find settings that will significantly improve the quality of your footage.

Additional little things

As mentioned above, to shoot high quality video, you need to fix the phone in one position, as well as provide a bright enough and good lighting of the subject. To do this, you will need a tripod, which is installed on the floor or on another horizontal surface, as well as a light source, which can be any lamp or a window that receives sunlight.

Filmed under such conditions, the material will be of high enough quality that any effects can be applied to it, and the result will be satisfactory. Therefore, it is better not to shoot in unsuitable conditions, but to set up a separate corner with everything you need for comfortable shooting. In the future, edit TikTok video of such quality will be much more pleasant.

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