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200 EPQ Ideas – The Ultimate List For an A*



The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification designed to extend and develop students’ abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare them for university or their future career. It is highly regarded by universities and employers for the skills it develops in research, project management, and independent study. One of the critical steps in undertaking an EPQ is selecting a topic that is both interesting and capable of supporting an extensive piece of research paper writing service. Below is a comprehensive list of 200 EPQ ideas that can help you achieve an A grade, categorized for easy navigation.

 Science and Technology

  1. The impact of artificial intelligence on modern healthcare.
  2. Renewable energy sources: Potential and challenges.
  3. The future of space exploration: Mars colonization.
  4. The ethics of genetic engineering.
  5. Cybersecurity: Strategies to protect against hacking.
  6. Quantum computing: The next technological revolution.
  7. The role of nanotechnology in medicine.
  8. The impact of climate change on polar ice caps.
  9. Autonomous vehicles: Prospects and safety concerns.
  10. The evolution of smartphones: A technological perspective.
  11. CRISPR and its potential to cure genetic diseases.
  12. The physics of black holes.
  13. The development of sustainable materials.
  14. The impact of 3D printing on manufacturing.
  15. Renewable vs. non-renewable energy: A comparative analysis.
  16. The future of battery technology.
  17. The ethics of artificial intelligence.
  18. The science of vaccines.
  19. How renewable energy can combat climate change.
  20. The role of biotechnology in agriculture.
  21. Space tourism: Possibilities and challenges.
  22. The impact of the Internet of Things on daily life.
  23. The future of robotics.
  24. The role of big data in business.
  25. The ethics of cloning.
  26. The impact of virtual reality on bandlab education.
  27. The role of science in tackling global warming.
  28. The development and impact of the electric car.
  29. How technology is changing the workplace.
  30. The impact of drones on modern warfare.
  31. The development of smart cities.
  32. The role of technology in modern education.
  33. The future of prosthetics and bionics.
  34. The science behind renewable energy.
  35. The impact of social media on mental health.
  36. The role of technology in disaster management.
  37. The development and future of the Internet.
  38. The science of climate change.
  39. How technology is improving healthcare.
  40. The impact of AI on employment.
  41. The role of genetics in modern medicine.
  42. The future of food technology.
  43. The impact of technology on human interaction.
  44. The development of sustainable agriculture.
  45. The role of technology in sports.
  46. The impact of 5G technology.
  47. The future of space mining.
  48. The role of technology in environmental conservation.
  49. The development of new materials for construction.
  50. The impact of AI on the legal profession.

 Medicine and Health

  1. The effectiveness of mental health treatments.
  2. The impact of diet on mental health.
  3. The role of genetics in personalized medicine.
  4. The future of organ transplantation.
  5. The impact of lifestyle on chronic diseases.
  6. The role of preventive medicine.
  7. The ethics of euthanasia.
  8. The effectiveness of alternative medicine.
  9. The impact of exercise on mental health.
  10. The role of technology in surgery.
  11. The future of cancer treatment.
  12. The impact of antibiotics on public health.
  13. The role of diet in disease prevention.
  14. The effectiveness of vaccination programs.
  15. The impact of stress on physical health.
  16. The role of public health campaigns.
  17. The future of mental health treatment.
  18. The impact of pollution on health.
  19. The role of genetics in disease.
  20. The effectiveness of different diet plans.
  21. The impact of sleep on overall health.
  22. The role of exercise in disease prevention.
  23. The future of telemedicine.
  24. The impact of aging on health.
  25. The role of nutrition in mental health.
  26. The effectiveness of different weight loss programs.
  27. The impact of smoking on public health.
  28. The role of physical activity in aging.
  29. The future of medical imaging.
  30. The impact of alcohol on health.
  31. The role of vaccines in disease eradication.
  32. The effectiveness of different pain management techniques.
  33. The impact of air quality on health.
  34. The role of genetics in cancer.
  35. The effectiveness of mindfulness in mental health.
  36. The impact of social determinants on health.
  37. The role of technology in mental health treatment.
  38. The future of reproductive medicine.
  39. The impact of environmental factors on health.
  40. The role of genetics in obesity.
  41. The effectiveness of different addiction treatments.
  42. The impact of technology on healthcare delivery.
  43. The role of sleep in mental health.
  44. The effectiveness of different chronic disease management programs.
  45. The impact of diet on chronic diseases.
  46. The role of exercise in mental health.
  47. The future of stem cell research.
  48. The impact of mental health on physical health.
  49. The role of genetics in mental health.
  50. The effectiveness of different mental health therapies.
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 Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. The impact of social media on modern communication.
  2. The role of women in history.
  3. The future of global diplomacy.
  4. The impact of immigration on society.
  5. The role of education in social mobility.
  6. The future of democracy.
  7. The impact of colonialism on modern society.
  8. The role of culture in shaping identity.
  9. The future of international relations.
  10. The impact of war on society.
  11. The role of religion in modern society.
  12. The future of human rights.
  13. The impact of globalization on culture.
  14. The role of education in economic development.
  15. The future of work in a globalized world.
  16. The impact of technology on culture.
  17. The role of the media in shaping public opinion.
  18. The future of the European Union.
  19. The impact of politics on society.
  20. The role of art in society.
  21. The future of global trade.
  22. The impact of crime on society.
  23. The role of the family in modern society.
  24. The future of the welfare state.
  25. The impact of education on society.
  26. The role of language in shaping thought.
  27. The future of the United Nations.
  28. The impact of poverty on society.
  29. The role of youth in social change.
  30. The future of international development.
  31. The impact of gender on society.
  32. The role of sports in society.
  33. The future of nationalism.
  34. The impact of social inequality on society.
  35. The role of the internet in shaping society.
  36. The future of global security.
  37. The impact of cultural diversity on society.
  38. The role of music in society.
  39. The future of urbanization.
  40. The impact of migration on culture.
  41. The role of education in shaping society.
  42. The future of social media.
  43. The impact of technology on communication.
  44. The role of literature in society.
  45. The future of rural development.
  46. The impact of religion on society.
  47. The role of language in shaping culture.
  48. The future of global health.
  49. The impact of economic inequality on society.
  50. The role of film in society.

 Business and Economics

  1. The impact of globalization on business.
  2. The future of entrepreneurship.
  3. The role of technology in business.
  4. The impact of economic policy on business.
  5. The future of the gig economy.
  6. The role of leadership in business success.
  7. The impact of corporate social responsibility.
  8. The future of retail.
  9. The role of innovation in business.
  10. The impact of e-commerce on traditional retail.
  11. The future of the financial industry.
  12. The role of marketing in business success.
  13. The impact of globalization on small businesses.
  14. The future of the stock market.
  15. The role of human resources in business.
  16. The impact of government regulation on business.
  17. The future of the automotive industry.
  18. The role of supply chain management in business.
  19. The impact of trade policy on business.
  20. The future of the energy industry.
  21. The role of corporate culture in business success.
  22. The impact of economic downturns on business.
  23. The future of the tech industry.
  24. The role of business ethics.
  25. The impact of global trade on business.
  26. The future of the entertainment industry.
  27. The role of mergers and acquisitions in business growth.
  28. The impact of taxation on business.
  29. The future of the tourism industry.
  30. The role of strategic planning in business success.
  31. The impact of the digital economy on business.
  32. The future of the pharmaceutical industry.
  33. The role of financial management in business.
  34. The impact of consumer behavior on business.
  35. The future of the real estate industry.
  36. The role of entrepreneurship in economic development.
  37. The impact of social media on business.
  38. The future of the food industry.
  39. The role of data analytics in business.
  40. The impact of inflation on business.
  41. The future of the transportation industry.
  42. The role of customer service in business success.
  43. The impact of foreign exchange rates on business.
  44. The future of the healthcare industry.
  45. The role of business strategy.
  46. The impact of technological advancements on business.
  47. The future of the manufacturing industry.
  48. The role of sustainability in business.
  49. The impact of political instability on business.
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