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7 Proven Lead Generation Strategies To Implement in 2023



If you believe you know anything there is to know about lead generation, you might want to think again. Due to the rapid pace at which technology is evolving, some lead generation strategies may become outdated sooner than you expect. As such, it doesn’t matter if you’re new in a market or an expert — it’s best practice to keep an eye on new trends in attracting and engaging potential clients. Here are 7 lead generation strategies that you might want to implement in 2023.

Strategy 1: Educate with courses

In the last decade or so, online courses have become quite popular. Companies and individuals soon noticed that they could showcase their offers by creating courses or guides that could benefit consumers and creators alike.

For example, let’s say you’re a nutrition expert and have a business where you put your expertise to the test. You can showcase your skills and knowledge and talk about your offer by offering courses on diet plans. Such courses, provided they’re well-researched, can provide valuable content to users but also strengthen your position as a trusted authority.

Strategy 2: Use the right social media platforms

Whenever you read about lead generation strategies, you hear about how good social media is. There are, however, cases where investment in social media campaigns has resulted in losses because the leads generated didn’t cover the investment costs.

To make sure you invest in the right social media, try to understand your target audience and you know where you’re the most likely to find someone without last name them. If, for example, you provide services to other businesses and have to choose a single platform, it’s probably best to go on LinkedIn — which sometimes offers better results than traditional cold-calling.

Strategy 3: Find out who needs you

While Linkedin can be a good alternative to cold calls in some situations, the latter are still a must in multiple situations. However, with so many potential prospects, deciding who to contact can be a daunting task if you’re a small company that cannot invest a lot in market research.

Today, there are multiple affordable ways to reach a new audience. On Leadar, for instance, you can grab qualified leads by finding information such as contact details, social profiles, and company information.

Strategy 4: Invest in content creation

At first sight, this strategy might not look innovative at all. Yes, the SEO landscape is indeed saturated, which might make you think that driving organic traffic with content creation is difficult.

While SEO is an old and challenging strategy indeed, how you do it can make a big difference. As technology has evolved, so have algorithms used by search engines to rank your content. If you diversify the type of content you create, such as by including webinars, infographics, or short videos, you can still differentiate yourself from some of the competition and attract valuable leads.

Strategy 5: Do content upgrades

If you create content and invest in SEO, chances are your content is bringing you some qualified leads. To benefit even more from your efforts, you might want to consider doing content upgrades, that is, to offer something extra in exchange for engagement actions.

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To do content upgrades properly, you must understand who the people who are consuming your content are and what kind of upgrades might appeal to them. For example, if you have a blog post about nutrition, you could include within the post a downloadable PDF guide that would provide something extra to them. In exchange for your PDF, users will provide you with their email address or other contact information you find valuable.

Strategy 6: Learn how to use lead magnets

If lead magnets are not something you have tested yet, you might want to hurry up. The virtual world is saturated with email newsletters and it is perhaps harder and harder to stand out. Lead magnets can help you get noticed provided you offer something your potential leads find useful.

Lead magnets work similarly to content upgrades. Potential lead magnets include things such as e-books, webinars, and discount codes. Unlike content upgrades, lead magnets are not directly related to the primary content a visitor is currently engaged with, which means there’s more versatility in terms of where you can implement them.

Strategy 7: Reimagine networking

An old and still effective strategy is to find leads by engaging in networking — both virtual and physical. Typical networking strategies include participating in conferences, trade shows, local meet-ups, or, more recently, virtual conferences.

As highlighted earlier, old strategies can sometimes be more effective when adjusted to changing circumstances. For example, you can organize a trade show where attendees receive a virtual reality headset so that they can experience your product more engagingly. This approach could be especially useful if you have a real estate or fashion business.

There are, of course, multiple ways in which you can innovate traditional networking strategies. To know what works best for you, keep an eye on trends within your industry, learn what your audience likes, and speculate on the most engaging ways in which leads could interact with your offering before becoming customers.

Bottom line: To differentiate yourself from competitors, you must innovate

Lead generation is an old thing and hundreds of thousands of words have been written to teach it. As long as you have competitors, being successful at generating leads is not only about having a good product, expertise, and experience — you have to bring something new to the table.

Innovation is about reaching potential leads in new ways that are more engaging compared to previously used strategies and compared to what other businesses are doing. Engagement with an audience is about understanding your target audience.

Finding new leads might mean exploring new avenues that sometimes require investment. You can mitigate the risk of losing money by making sure you know where to find your leads and how to reach them effectively.

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