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Explore The Spiritual Side Of Yoga



Most people today are taking up yoga for physical benefits. Onlookers think that yoga is just asana. However, if you study the scripts and Vedic philosophy, you will be able to unearth the true meaning of yoga. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita are two of the most popular textbooks on this subject. The yoga teacher training in rishikesh consists of a syllabus, which explores the myriad facets of yoga. Yoga is spiritual in nature, to be exact. You will be able to find that out after you start exploring the subject with complete interest. 

Yoga is about the union of the opposite forces of nature. Nature and the environment are involved in myriad ways. The animals and plants must be taken into consideration, while studying yoga. Let us explore the kriyas and yoga activities, to find out the true connotations.

Learn Asana In The Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh 


The asana resembles the posture of a lotus flower. It is also the symbol of purity and innocence. Moreover, it also represents birth and light. It is one of the purest asana, which looks easy on the outside. However, you must practice it under expert supervision. If you are able to perfect the lotus pose, then you can experience complete detachment from the vagaries of life. It is a regular seating pose but with great repercussions. You can practice mantra chanting and breathing, alongside its practice. 

The teachers at Samadhi Yoga Ashram can give you the best guidance on this pose. The teachers who are teaching at the school have years of experience in yoga. 


This is another asana, which you can do early in the morning. Practicing asana in the period between 3 am-5 am is considered to be auspicious. You may feel what a simple pose like this can yield. However, you are totally wrong. Yoga has some easy poses that can deliver great results. You have to sit in Vajrasana, on the floor like a child in this pose, and then spread your arms as far as you can in front of you. Fold down from the waist onwards and then bring the forehead in contact with the floor. The chest should be touching the thighs in the meanwhile. 

The main aim of this exercise is to teach the art of doing nothing. If you are highly stressed out, you ought to practice this pose. You have to emphasize more on the breathing, rather than the pose. You can strengthen the connection of the mind and body, through proper stance. 


You will find this pose easy as a beginner. However, there is more to it, than what you see with the physical eyes. The main aim of this asana is to provide you with a sense of balance. It is not just the physical balance that we are talking about here. It is the mental balance as well. One foot is rooted into the ground, while the other one is placed on the inner thigh. You can sway like a tree in this pose, but cannot fall. 

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These are a few examples of the spiritual asanas, which you can practice. It is best to gain such knowledge under trained experts. The yoga teacher training in rishikesh will provide you with complete knowledge about yoga. 

So, let us now study the spiritual benefits of yoga. For the guidance, you have to study yoga deeply. 

Spiritual Benefits Of Yoga 

If you practice yoga under experts regularly, then you can receive all the spiritual benefits. 

  • Awareness generation is one of the best benefits of yoga. Unless and until you grasp the knowledge, you will not be able to extract the benefits of yoga. Experiencing mindfulness is one of the ways to get a quick response from such practices. 
  • You should stop establishing control from all areas of your life. Stop controlling other people, stop controlling yourself and your natural urges. Let the river flow in the direction it wants to. You should flow with it. 
  • Develop mental focus and clarity through yogic practices. Yoga teaches to concentrate. There are many different practices or kriyas that can help you to develop this focus. You will be able to make better decisions in the process. 
  • Calm your mind with yogic practices. Stress will go away from your life, if you start practicing yoga from a spiritual point of view. 
  • Alignments also matter a lot in yoga. After you have grasped the spiritual element, you will be able to get the alignments right. You can explore different yoga styles for this purpose. 
  • It is also possible to open your Third Eye, through yoga practice. The chakra centres also experience multiple benefits. They open and allow the energies to flow, uninhibited. 

Are you overwhelmed with so much information? In that case, head to Samadhi Yoga Ashram. The Gurus will guide you step by step through the spiritual process. There is no need to hurry. Reach your goal with a calm mind, and an eager demeanour. Awaken the inner child for exploration and absorption. Go with the flow, rather than trying to grasp everything in one go. Join the yoga teacher training in rishikesh. 

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