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Key points about FC 24 that a beginner needs to know



FC 24 is the next part of the famous football simulator, which began a new stage of its development after renaming due to the lack of agreement between EA Sports and FIFA.

The name has changed, but the essence remains the same, albeit with several important improvements.

New player card system

It used to be like this, when you started playing FIFA and the online mode, you received a set of random players to form your first and random gaming squad, but then you needed to earn money or buy FC 24 coins to buy and open random football players and strengthen the gaming team.

Cards come in four quality levels with their maximum limit of characteristics that a football player has at a given level, and before you pull out any card, you simply use it exactly until a stronger athlete appears, and so on until you form a world football team level.

New mechanics are included in FC 24 and radically change the game economy and all players.

Now each card can be upgraded and enhanced with FIFA 24 cheats of speed, accuracy, striking power, and endurance through the quest system.

This opens up new possibilities and uses if you bought FC 24 coins.

Now you don’t have to switch from bronze cards to silver ones. You can improve your starting lineup and earn gold cards that can be obtained through tournaments.

Characteristics can be increased through tasks, and you will decide which players you will invest them in.

Another nice way to apply new mechanics is to invest them in the best world-class players to further strengthen the conditional Ronaldo, or Messi if you managed to get their cards. You can also buy cheap FC 24 coins and buy all your favorite artists through the transfer window and avoid the need to open random packs, which are quite expensive and do not guarantee success.

Pronounced characteristics of the players

Now every football player who distinguishes himself on the football field with his signature techniques such as dribbling, sprinting, or accurate free kicks will have these descriptions on his cards and demonstrate them more clearly on the football field.

Now all football players will have their individuality, which is emphasized much more strongly than before, and you should form a playing team to suit your playing style to a greater extent.

Full women’s league

Starting with FIFA 23, developers from EA Sports began to gradually introduce a women’s league into the football simulator.

FC 24 has improved and expanded the mechanics of the new league and added the ability to discover female football players and fully integrate them into your team.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Alex Morgan can play together.

Division system

As always and in all previous parts, the division system and full matches play a big role in FC 24.

It is these matches that will shape your gaming level, bring FC 24 coins, and help you qualify for tournaments from EA Sports.

If you often win or draw, your rank will gradually increase, and you will be matched with opponents who are higher in the level of play and the assembled football squad.

If you manage to score 1,500 points in one week, you will be able to receive an invitation to qualify for the Weekend League, in which you can get new gold-level game sets and add new players to your roster of players.

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Champions qualification stage

You must play a full 10 matches, which will show your readiness for confrontation in the main stage of the league.

There is a reward for each match won. Opponents will be selected randomly and not by division level.

You must win at least 4 matches to gain access to the main stage of the Weekend League.

If you lose all matches, you will still receive a reward in the form of one gold pack with a random player.

It is impossible to play in a draw during the qualifiers, and you must always fight and play until the last. If the winner cannot be established during normal time, then an extra period and a penalty shootout will be introduced.

Weekend League main stage

20 full-fledged matches await you, in which for each victory you will advance along the path of rewards and receive various trophies.

These could be sets of gold player cards, FC 24 coins, or unique goal celebration cards.

In-game tasks

You should know that in FC 24 there are many ways to get coins to strengthen your gaming squad.

These are tasks that must be completed within the framework of matches and often this is scoring goals, releasing players of certain clubs or countries o

All tasks have a limited time to complete and are limited to a day or a week, and you must have time to invest within these limits, otherwise, the task will simply be replaced without receiving rewards.

Squad Challenge

This is a mode in which the player must carry out instructions from the board of directors.

This is often a requirement to collect and play for players from certain countries.

Weeks with such tasks often have a noticeable impact on the game economy, because players begin to massively buy cards with football players from the desired representatives of these countries.

Enterprising characters can accumulate such cards while they are worth no money and sell them when demand soars.


This is a gaming activity format that allows players to receive cheap FC 24 coins and at the same time participate in interesting activities prepared by developers from EA Sports.

You will take part in a famous episode in the history of world football and must realize the moment exactly as it happened in a real match.

This could be a play on the popular corner from the Champions League match, in which Manchester United won back the gap and then won against Bayern Munich.

You need to cross and score the ball with your head and nothing else. If the canopy is repulsed or intercepted, then the task will not be counted, you need to complete it strictly in the specified way and receive your well-deserved reward, in the other option you only need to buy FC 24 coins.

Career mode

If you get tired of constant competition with other players, then try your hand at career mode. Choose your favorite club and guide it through the entire championship, qualify for the Champions League, and win the cup of your country.

The most important thing is to play in normal mode at a high, or least average, level. You will be able to improve your general understanding of game tactics, practice plays and plays with short and long passes, score goals and break through the flanks.

Returning to online mode over time, you will notice more confident football on your part and the absence of strong jitters.

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