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New Pet Tracking Option for 2024: Aorkuler Pet Tracker



The number of lost dogs is increasing every year. It takes a lot of time and financial resources for pet owners to get their dogs back. Some pet owners can’t even retrieve their dogs. To effectively protect the dog from being lost, what is the solution? It is of course to purchase a pet tracker.

However, there are several different brands of pet trackers available in the market.

Each brand of tracker has its own features for different use case. So, for customers with poor cell signal, I recommend Aorkuler.

  1. Introduction of Aorkuler Pet Tracker

Aorkuler pet tracker is a smart device that uses GPS and wireless technology. After GPS location, the tracker uses advanced radio technology to transmit location information to the controller. Pet owners can view the direction and distance of their dog’s location on the controller’s screen.

This pet tracker has features such as real-time tracking, waterproofing, beep alert, and night flash. These features can help pet owners to find their dogs.

  1. Advantages of Aorkuler Pet Tracker

2.1 Real-time Tracking

Aorkuler pet tracker works using radio technology. It transmits location data independent of cellular signal. Even if there are few cellular towers near the dog and the pet owner, it can still transmit the location data to the controller in real-time.

This feature can provide effective safety protection for the dog.

2.2 Waterproof

Most dogs like to play in places with water. If the pet tracker is not waterproof, the device will not work when the dog is playing in the water. Aorkuler pet tracker has an IP67 waterproof. It can still work properly even if the dog plays in puddles.

However, it is not recommended for pet owners to wear this tracker while swimming with their dogs. Soaking the device in water for a long time may affect sealing performance.

2.3 Sound and Night Flashing

Pet owners get worried when their pet dog is by their side but doesn’t show up because he’s hiding or injured. Aorkuler pet tracker has sound and night flash function.

When the dog doesn’t show up, the pet owner can turn on the sound function. The tracker worn by the dog will emit a sound to guide the pet owner.

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If it’s a night with poor visibility, pet owners can use the night flash feature. The tracker will emit three different colors of light. The pet owner can find the location of the dog according to the light.

2.4 No Subscription Fee

Many pet trackers on the market require the use of a cellular network. This results in pet owners having to pay a monthly subscription fee to the cellular carrier. Aorkuler pet tracker, however, does not require a cellular network, so pet owners don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

2.5 Free up Cell Phone Memory, Reduce Privacy Risks and Annoying Messages

This pet tracker does not require a cell phone app, so pet owners only need to bring the tracker and the controller with them when they take their dog out for a walk. This frees up the pet owner’s cell phone memory. It also reduces the burden on the pet owner when taking the dog out.

The controller of Aorkuler adopts the electronic compass method. Pet owners can easily find the location of their dogs in unfamiliar places.

2.6 Rural or Suburban Areas

Most dog-owning families live in suburbs or rural areas. Pet trackers that require the use of cellular networks do not work well in these places. Because there are few cellular base stations, the tracker cannot transmit data in real-time.

But Aorkuler pet trackers are unaffected. Pet owners who live in rural or suburban areas can use it without worry.

2.7 Good Service of the Team

The Aorkuler team takes every customer seriously. Whatever question a pet owner can ask them, they will give feedback or provide a solution as soon as possible.


The loss of a dog is heartbreaking news for every pet owner. To prevent such incidents from happening, pet owners can purchase a pet tracker for their dogs, such as Aorkuler. It is convenient, practical, and an indispensable tool for pet owners. It not only protects the safety of your dog but also makes pet owners less worried. Hope your dog is always by your side.

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