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7 Fun Facts about Chenille Patches



The middle child of patches made of yarn is the chenille patch. When woven or embroidered patches just don’t cut it, these are the answers. So, when you need something classy and colourful, custom chenille patches are there to save the day.

the chenille patch information can persuade you that they are wise choices if you’re thinking about purchasing some for your brand or upcoming artwork.

Interesting Chenille Patch Facts You Should Be Aware of

1. The French word “chenille” means “caterpillar.”

This is because a completed chenille patch’s texture is similar to that of a caterpillar’s fuzzy texture. That’s what distinguishes chenille patches. The texture is soft and rugged, adding to the fun and stunning appearance, as the thread is sewn from the bottom up.

Furthermore, this same method is utilised to create carpets, rugs, and towels, which is why chenille patches resemble these linens!

2. A teenager founded the chenille industry in the United Kingdom!

Yes, the chenille industry was founded by a teenage girl who had a passion for making elaborate comforters and bedspreads. Catherine Evans, then 15 years old, used to sew cotton onto a cotton foundation and then sell her inventive creations. Her idea for a weaving procedure influenced many others, and soon custom chenille patches creations could be found in shops all around the United Kingdom.

But Evans did not invent chenille until he was in America. Alexander Buchanan introduced chenille patches to Scotland in the 1830s, according to certain facts about them.

3. Shawls are a Common Chenille Work Fashion Item

One more interesting truth regarding chenille patches is that they’re frequently utilised to make carpets, rugs, and bedspreads. But first, let’s take a diversion into wearable items that showcase chenille work directly before we examine chenille patches.

Chenille fabric is used to create lovely shawls, fuzzy caps, and other winter clothing. These are also very well designed. In contrast to embroidery, which gives fabric an elevated appearance, chenille patterns mix in perfectly with the surroundings. In addition, the chenille gives the finished items an opulent softness, while the lining—typically cotton or cotton rayon—offers durability and structure.

4. Leading The Way in Patch Fashions: Letterman Jackets

If you are unfamiliar with the word or have never seen chenille patches, go back to the varsity jackets. From your high school and college years, you have witnessed baseball and soccer players wear. In addition, the institution’s emblem and the player’s name and number are displayed on these coats using chenille patches.

These coats have chenille patches because of the matte, colourful appearance. From a distance, chenille lettering appears crisp and highly readable. Also, the perfect sports clothing is a vibrantly coloured chenille patch on a black jersey jacket.

5. Ultra-Large Chenille Patches Are Available

Letters made of chenille can be used to create a big banner. Extra-large portions can now be produced by patch makers thanks to new technologies. You can actually make a single letter that is 11 or 12 inches in size. When everything is put together, you have a patch banner that looks really nice. See How to Turn Your Artwork into Custom Chenille Patches for more information.

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Big chenille patches, however, are not the best match for a smaller basis. Since chenille patches can be “loud,” you need to allow adequate space in the surrounding area so that the patch stands out without becoming overpowering.

6. Chenille Is Currently Popular in Minimalist Clothing

Want to update your brand-new or well-worn denim jacket without going crazy? Unless you’re talking about enormous patches, a bespoke chenille patch is a sweet and understated piece of art to add to clothing. Subtle, tiny patches have a lovely appearance. These can also represent something you’re proud of or something you believe in.

Additionally, trendy these days are denim jackets with distinctive chenille patches. Go for stylish jackets with chenille letter patches if you want to update your wardrobe with trendy yet unique items.

7. Not Every Painting Is Suitable for Chenille Patches

The primary distinction between chenille and embroidered patches is that both can be made to a certain degree of complexity. First of all, because the threads are woven throughout, embroidered patches can have intricate designs. Secondly, patches with embroidery are quite thin.

Chenille patches, on the other hand, are limited in terms of colour and pattern. The texture is similar to a rug, thus a complicated design will appear jumbled.

Chenille patches are therefore more appropriate for artwork that features straightforward patterns and fewer colours.

How to Apply Chenille Patches Correctly

Having trouble applying chenille patches?

Let’s talk about how to employ chenille patches or iron on patches now that you are aware of their basic information. You shouldn’t worry about applying chenille patches because they are quite sturdy and simple to deal with. Application is simple because chenille patches are available in sew-on, Velcro, and iron-on forms.

Use the appropriate thread if you are sewing the patch on yourself. Around the outside edge, sew by hand or by machine. In terms of longevity, this method is the greatest of all because sewed patches are difficult to remove off clothing.

When ironing chenille patches, position the patch where you want it before applying the iron. It is impossible to reposition the adhesive backing once it has bonded to the base cloth without damaging both the patch and the base. Additionally, confirm that the iron is set at the ideal temperature, which should be both high enough to melt the adhesive backing and low enough to prevent scorching the yarn. For further information, see How To Iron-On Chenille Patches.

Lastly, you must sew the other end of the Velcro patch to the desired fabric. Velcro isn’t the best choice for chenille patches, either, unless you want name badges. Velcro patches’ primary advantage is their ease of replacement.

A Few Chenille Patches, Please?

You’re considering purchasing some chenille patches after learning all the details about them. We at Elegant Patches will design items that best reflect your personal style. Get a free quote from us now and order personalized patches online!

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