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Ames Construction Net Worth: A Legacy of Excellence




Ames Construction, a renowned player in the construction industry, has established a formidable presence since its inception in 1962. Over the decades, the company has been involved in an array of construction projects, from transportation infrastructure to industrial facilities. As a result of their expertise and dedication to quality, Ames Construction has steadily built a robust net worth that reflects their commitment to excellence.

Understanding Ames Construction

Ames Construction is an American construction company headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota. It was founded by the Ames family and has remained a family-owned and operated business throughout its history. The company has earned a solid reputation for its diversified services and a strong track record of delivering complex projects on time and within budget.

Diversified Services

Ames Construction offers a wide range of construction services, including but not limited to:

  1. Heavy Civil Construction: Ames has extensive experience in building highways, bridges, dams, and other critical infrastructure projects. They are known for their proficiency in large-scale earthwork and concrete construction.
  2. Mining and Energy: The company has played a pivotal role in the mining and energy sectors, providing construction services for mines, power plants, and renewable energy projects.
  3. Industrial Construction: Ames Construction has completed numerous industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers.
  4. Water and Environmental Services: They are involved in water treatment plants, wastewater facilities, and environmental remediation projects.

Strong Financial Performance

Ames Construction’s net worth has been steadily growing over the years due to its successful project execution and sound financial management. As a private company, its exact net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, its consistent performance in securing and completing high-profile projects suggests a strong financial foundation.

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Key Factors Contributing to Net Worth

Several factors have contributed to Ames Construction’s impressive net worth:

  1. Expertise and Experience: With over six decades in the construction industry, Ames has accumulated invaluable expertise. Their seasoned team of professionals ensures projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standards.
  2. Reputation for Excellence: The company’s reputation for delivering projects on time, within budget, and with a focus on quality has earned them the trust of clients and partners.
  3. Diversification: Ames Construction’s diverse portfolio of projects across various sectors has provided stability and resilience, even during economic downturns.
  4. Long-Term Relationships: Building lasting relationships with clients and subcontractors has been instrumental in their sustained success.


Ames Construction’s net worth is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to consistently deliver high-quality construction projects. Their long-standing presence in the industry, diversified services, and financial stability position them as a formidable player in the construction sector. While their exact net worth remains private, Ames Construction’s legacy of excellence speaks volumes about their financial strength and ability to tackle even the most challenging construction endeavors.

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