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Anna and Lucy DeCinque Net Worth: How Rich are the Sisters?



Anna and Lucy DeCinque Net Worth

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are Australian twins who are best known for featuring in TLC’s reality series, Extreme Sisters. The DeCinque sisters are also co-owners of their YouTube lifestyle channel, Anna and Lucy. As of 2023, Anna and Lucy DeCinque net worth is estimated to be around $1 to $5 million.

Who are Anna and Lucy DeCinque?

Full Name Anna and Lucy DeCinque
Date of Birth July 19, 1985
Age 37 years old
Born Place Perth, Australia
Profession Reality tv star, YouTube star
Net Worth $1 to $5 million
Boyfriend/Fiance Ben Byrne

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are reality stars and YouTube personalities from Australia. The twin sisters have earned a large fan base from featuring in TLC’s Extreme Sisters. They are mostly recognized in the series for their unique lifestyle and fascinating stories.

Anna and Lucy DeCinique are born on July 19, 1985, in Perth, Australia. There is nothing much available regarding their upbringing, parents, and education. The twin sisters reportedly do many things together. They even use the bathroom at the same time, shower together, and eat the same amount of food.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque Net Worth & Career

Anna and Lucy DeCinque have been always together since they were born. They have even worked at the same nursing home for nearly seven years. Surprisingly, only one of them was confirmed for the position. While one was serving as a full-time employee, the other one was merely volunteering.

The twin sisters would later split the wages evenly between them. While talking to one of the news outlets, Anna DiCinque revealed that they shared a wage so which meant one of them got paid and one of them volunteered for 7 years. They wanted to be together and they accepted that.

The DiCinque sisters are currently known as one of the successful YouTubers who joined the platform in August 2013. The DeCinque sisters are known as the World’s Most Identical Twins and have more than 108 thousand subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Anna and Lucy mostly deliver their weekly vlog videos once a week. In addition to creating vlogs, they also create content related to Q&As allowing the public to get to know them better. The twin sister came into the limelight after featuring on TLC’s series, Extreme Sisters.

The identical twins fell into the spotlight after they started sharing their alternative lifestyle and glamorous appearance in the reality series. They also shared their personal lives on a whole new level on the TLC network show. Recently, they opened up about their struggles in the latest episodes of the series.

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Anna and Lucy recently shared their experience of trying to fall pregnant in season two episode 2 titled “Wombmates”. In the episode, the twin sisters confessed to using baby dolls as a practice for their future bundles of joy. The twins also revealed that they are in sync with everything even ovulation.

However, they admitted on the show that it has been hard to fall pregnant at the same time. One of the twins, Lucy later shared that they learn from the internet that you’re supposed to be ovulating when the temperature goes up. The sisters later checked their temperature in one part of the episode.

Anna’s temperature was checked first and after a while, Lucy’s thermometer was registered. Surprisingly, both temperatures measure 36.8C. After temperature measurement, they said both are three degrees up and they are ovulating exactly the same.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque’s Boyfriend and Personal Life

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are currently in a relationship with the same man named Ben Byrne. Both have been dating Ben for over a decade since 2012. It is revealed that both wanted to get married to him.

While appearing on the show, This Morning, the duo revealed their plans and said they wants to try for a baby through IVF. They further revealed that they want their pregnancies to happen at the same time as their shared boyfriend, ben Byrne.

The twin sisters were reportedly proposed to by their mutual boyfriend, Ben last year. However, they have not got married yet since polygamy is banned in Australia. Though, they are continuing their efforts to get pregnant at the same time. They even took pregnancy tests together with Ben on the TLC show. However, the result turned out to be negative.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque Net Worth

Anna and Lucy DeCinque have earned an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million as of 2023. In addition to earning from YouTube and reality series, they sell their clothing on the retailer site, Depop. The twins also add some amount to their bank account by using Cameo. They nearly charge from $10 to $200 for personal messages on Cameo.

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