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Bobby Boyd Net Worth: How Rich is the Real Estate Agent?



Bobby Boyd Net Worth

Bobby Boyd is an American premier real estate agent and a former fashion model. He is best known for his appearance on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (MDLLA). As of 2023, Bobby Boyd net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Who is Bobby Boyd?

Full Name Bobby Boyd
Date of Birth June 11, 1985
Age 38
Born Place Pacific, California, United States
Profession Real estate agent
Net Worth $3 million
Ex-husband Josh Flagg

Bobby Boyd is a real estate agent from California. He is also a former fashion model who has worked for major fashion designers including Versace, True Religion, Vogue, and Calvin Klein. Boyd is the ex-spouse of Josh Flagg who apparently came face to face on the Bravo series, MDLLA’s February 2 episode.

Boyd was born in June 1985 in Pacific, California. His parents are Gary and Jeanette Boyd. Bobby was raised by his parents on Pacifica beach in San Francisco. Regarding his education, he studied at Terra Nova High School and later attended San Francisco University.

Bobby Boyd Net Worth & Career


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Bobby Boyd began realizing his love for fashion and style when he was watching soap operas with his mother. At that time, he used to think about how people in operas look so good. Later on, his mom would dress him like the actors on the show with her creativity.

Once her mother purchased him a pair of beautiful brown leather shows. Bobby always used to get new clothes every season no matter what his family’s financial condition would be. In fact, he was the only kid at his school who got new clothes at the beginning of the fall when school began.

Boyd would wear heavier clothes around the holidays, and springtime clothes for Easter. As his mom always prioritized his appearance, he eventually adopted her commitment and decided to become a professional model.

Bobby always had a love for real estate and entered the industry after leaving modeling behind. He had already begun working on the side at Sotheby’s even when he was working model in his early twenties. In fact, he got his first real estate deal by selling a $6.5 million dollar house.

Bobby reportedly got his first house deal at a dinner party. He soon realized that his ability to present listings and make clients feel special would give him an upper hand in the industry. Boyd believed in working in the real estate industry helping clients get what they want.

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Boyd is in fact involved in all things like making the calls from start to finish. He also writes all his own offers, and counters and even does his own marketing. Besides his real estate job, he is also known for his appearance on Bravo’s series, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

The Season 14 of Bravo’s popular show started premiering on December 8, 2022. The new season dives right into Boyd and his ex-spouse, Josh Flagg’s divorce. In February 2 episode, Boyd and Flagg came face-to-face for the first time since the two moved out of the house they once shared.

Boyd and Flagg’s meeting was just as uncomfortable. The former couple is forced to reunite because of the property they previously co-listed together. Boyd apparently teamed up with Flagg to sell a $15 million house.

Bobby Boyd’s Wife & Personal Life

Bobby Boyd was married to the real estate agent, Josh Flagg. The former couple knew each other for 10 years prior to their love relationship. He was proposed to by Josh Flagg during a holiday in Paris in July 2016. Then, they turned into a married couple on September 9, 2017, in Beverly Hills Hotel.

Boyd and Flagg were residing in a lavish flat in Beverly Hills before they separated. The two lived as a married couple for five years. In January 2023, Flagg issued a statement regarding their divorce citing personality differences.

Though, Boyd and Flagg ended their marriage on a good note. Flagg also concluded in his statement that he cares deeply for Boyd and has nothing but love and respect. Likewise, Boyd also shared that he would be forever grateful for his relationship with Flagg.

In the preview of Bravo’s series, Josh Flagg explained that the divorce is still not final and he had only seen Boyd twice since he left him. He had seen once him at the lawyer’s office and a second time when he went through his house to divide up his assents. 

Bobby Boyd Net Worth

Bobby Boyd has earned an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. He has accumulated a huge sum by working as a real estate agent and fashion model. Boyd is expected to be earning an estimated annual salary of around $117,972 as a real estate broker. Boyd claimed on his website that he only eats burgers on a Hermes silver platter and added he is an ambassador for living the luxury lifestyle.

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