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can you still buy diesel delete kits



So you’ve decided to delete the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system on your 6.6L Duramax LLY. Good call. That EGR valve and cooler are notorious for failing and costing owners big bucks in repairs. A “delete kit” is an aftermarket part that completely removes your EGR system, bypassing it to improve engine performance and reliability. If done right, an EGR delete can give your Duramax a new lease on life.

The question is, with emissions laws and regulations, can you still buy EGR delete kits? The answer is yes, but you have to know where to look. Several companies still offer EGR delete kits and related components for the LLY Duramax. Some are more reputable than others, though, so you’ll want to do your research. An EGR delete kit, when installed properly by a skilled mechanic, can transform how your LLY Duramax drives and prevent future headaches. For many diesel owners, the rewards of an EGR delete far outweigh the risks. If you’re ready to unleash the full potential of your LLY and say goodbye to that troublesome EGR system once and for all, an EGR delete kit is the way to go.

what is lly egr delete?

An lly egr delete typically refers to a modification made to the emissions control system of a diesel engine equipped with the LLY Duramax engine. The LLY engine is a 6.6-liter V8 diesel engine produced by General Motors and used in various Chevrolet and GMC trucks in the mid-2000s.

Are Diesel EGR Delete Kits Still Legal?

Are diesel EGR delete kits still legal? This is a common question for diesel owners looking to improve performance and reliability. The short answer is: it depends on where you live.

Federal Law

Federally, removing your EGR valve and related components is considered tampering with the vehicle’s emissions system which was designed to reduce air pollution. However, for off-road or racing use, EGR deletes are still permitted. Some states follow the federal guidelines, while others have additional regulations.

State Laws

  • Some states like California have very strict anti-tampering laws and do not allow EGR deletes or any other emission system modifications.
  • Other states like Texas and Florida have exemptions that allow EGR deletes for off-road or competition use.
  • Many states remain unclear or unspecified on EGR deletes, leaving their legality open to interpretation. It’s best to check with your local laws to determine if an EGR delete would be legal for your intended use.

The bottom line is that for street-legal and daily driving, EGR deletes kits are illegal in many places due to emissions regulations. However, if you solely operate your diesel off-road or for racing, an EGR delete may still be a viable and legal option to improve performance, reduce EGR soot buildup, and eliminate faulty EGR components. When in doubt, do your research to make sure you stay within the letter of the law. The last thing any diesel owner wants is a court summons for illegal vehicle modification!

Top EGR Delete Kits for the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke

When it comes to deleting your EGR on the 6.0L Powerstroke, you have some great kit options to choose from. Two of the top contenders are:

Sinister Diesel EGR Delete Kit

This popular kit completely removes your EGR valve and cooler, eliminating their problematic clogging issues. It includes high-quality stainless steel up pipes to replace the factory ones. The kit is easy to install with basic hand tools and is 50-state emissions legal. Many owners report noticeable improvements in engine performance and reliability with this delete kit.

PPEI EGR Delete Kit

For those on a budget, the PPEI EGR delete kit gets the job done without breaking the bank. It removes the failure-prone EGR valve and cooler, replacing them with durable block-off plates. The kit reuses your factory up pipes so installation only takes a couple of hours. While not quite as heavy duty as the Sinister kit, the PPEI delete has proven reliable for many Powerstroke owners seeking enhanced engine durability and power.

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As you can see, you have two solid options for ridding your 6.0L of the problematic EGR system. Either kit will allow your diesel to breathe easier and run cooler, stronger and more dependably for years to come. Delete that EGR and experience the difference an unrestricted, properly-functioning Powerstroke can make!

Benefits of Deleting the EGR on Your Diesel Truck

Deleting the EGR valve and system on your diesel truck can provide several benefits.

Improved Performance

Removing the EGR allows your engine to breathe easier by eliminating the recycled exhaust gasses. This results in better airflow, combustion, and throttle response. Your truck may feel more powerful and accelerate faster.

Increased Fuel Economy

Without the EGR diverting exhaust back into the engine, your diesel can operate more efficiently. Some drivers report 1-2 mpg increases after deleting the EGR. The improved performance and less restricted airflow allow the engine to require less fuel for the same power.

Reduced Maintenance

The EGR system has many parts like valves, pipes, and sensors that can fail over time and require replacement. By removing the EGR, you eliminate these potential issues and costs. Your engine will also run cleaner, reducing buildup and clogs in components like the intake manifold, valves, and injectors.

what is ford 6.0 egr delete kit?

A ford 6.0 egr delete kit (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) delete kit is a set of aftermarket components used to modify or remove the EGR system on a Ford 6.0-liter diesel engine. The EGR system is designed to recirculate a portion of the exhaust gases back into the engine’s intake air, which can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions but may also contribute to carbon buildup and other issues in some diesel engines.

Longer Engine Life

Running an engine without EGR prolongs the life of internal parts by reducing carbon deposits and soot buildup. The exhaust gasses contain hydrocarbons that can contaminate oil, foul sensors, and damage cylinders and pistons over time. Preventing these gasses from re-entering the engine helps it last longer.

While deleting the EGR on your diesel truck may be appealing, it does come with some downsides like potential warranty issues if caught. However, for many diesel owners and enthusiasts, the benefits of improved performance, fuel economy, reduced maintenance, and longer engine life far outweigh these drawbacks. If you’re looking to unlock your diesel’s full potential, an EGR delete kit could be well worth the investment.

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So there you have it, the lowdown on diesel delete kits and why so many diesel owners opt to install them. At the end of the day, it comes down to getting improved performance and reliability out of your truck without having to deal with the headaches of emissions systems. If you’re looking to wake up your LLY Duramax and give it some extra power and a throatier sound, deleting the EGR is one of the best ways to go about it. While it may not be emissions legal depending where you live, for many diesel fans the benefits far outweigh the risks. And as long as you buy a high-quality, reputable kit and have it installed properly by a trusted shop, you’ll be cruising down the road with a huge smile on your face in no time. The only question left is, what are you waiting for? Get out there and unleash your truck’s full potential!

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