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CRM Software: Free & Low-cost Options



A CRM system is a set of tasks in an automated format designed to improve and customize customer relationships. The explanation of the abbreviation looks like Customer Relationship Management, which confirms the meaning of the purpose of the system. It is worth noting that you do not have to bear the global costs of purchasing this service. Among the software offerings, there are reliable and functional free online CRM that are suitable for initial use and solve basic tasks.

CRM Tools Structure

CRM software implies full automation of business processes. That is, modern systems store information about previously built relationships with customers, analyze and collect statistics, optimize the work of staff, and perform marketing tasks. 

The CRM system presents the work of the business in real time, while the information is stored and analyzed. CRM tools allow you to review the management mistakes made and avoid them in the future. 


You can choose free CRMs or buy expensive software. In any case, the system structure will be different. From universal free resources , users allocate , and the rest of the software usually has a certain orientation. For example, CRM systems offer a wide range of options, but the possibility of application is limited. 

Free online CRM is conditionally classified according to the purpose of use. Varieties:

  • Operational.
  • Analytical.
  • Collective.

At the same time, CRM systems are equipped with a basic set of functions that consist of operational, analytical and collective tools. When choosing a suitable software product, you should focus on the importance of solving certain tasks. 

Operational CRM

CRM systems free operating systems are designed to organize the daily work of a business. This is a software that is suitable for solving everyday tasks — for example, compiling daily reports, monitoring employee attendance. 

Operational functionality is present in all system products. When testing a new CRM, you should examine the list of tasks performed in an operational format. For example, for a large company with a large staff and many business areas, the operational part of a CRM should have the maximum number of functions. 

Analytical CRM 

Analytical systems are CRM tools that optimize internal business algorithms. That is, it implies the automation of storages with a database of customers and the systematization of such information. 

Analytical systems also evaluate the interaction of internal processes — the effectiveness of working with the company’s customers, the correctness of the use of marketing tools. The peculiarity of software analytics regarding CRM is the absence of influence on the external work of the company. 

Collective CRM

Collective CRM systems provide interaction and interconnection of work processes. One of the important functions of the collective system is the integration of CRM tools with third—party services. The key feature is the optimization of staff interaction among themselves and work with the target audience. 

That is, the collective part of CRM is supplemented with analytical functions and assesses the potential guilt of the company’s employees in the event of losses, customer departures and other negative situations. Accordingly, the efficiency of the staff in a positive way is also covered by the collective function of CRM tools.

How CRM Software Works

The main function of CRM is the structuring of all company processes. Visually, CRM software resembles an Excel spreadsheet, which is managed automatically using software settings. CRM tools display the results of processing certain data and form the final result. At the heart of all system proposals is the effectiveness of the company’s interaction with customers. 

There are basic software functions that perform the work of an administrator:

  • Create documents based on templates.
  • Accept and process applications.
  • Send notifications to clients.
  • generate tasks for management and staff.
  • Create online reporting.
  • Calculate the price of a product or service.
  • They track the operation.

Other CRM options include the remaining automation stages that ensure the effectiveness of administrative functions. The basic format of the software is adjusted by representatives of the sales department. That is, the company’s management independently sets up CRM tools to improve staff interaction with customers, taking into account the specifics of the business. 

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Free online CRM: Rating 


Bitrix24 CRM system is the undisputed leader in the presented rating. This system product is universal, it can be adapted for any area of small, medium and large businesses. In Bitrix24’s free CRM content, you will be able to connect one channel of work for an unlimited number of transactions, users and contacts. 

Bitrix24 CRM successfully integrates with various tools, including external ones. The software has cloud storage and a multi-channel interface. Analytics and customer communication dashboard are also well-developed. The system assigns unique names to users, offers its own list of comfortable internal tools — online chat, email, automatic notification mailing. 

Agree, competitors cannot boast of making an appointment with a potential client instantly from CRM. In the paid format, the cost is $45 for the first five users. Bitrix24 CRM is universal due to its multidimensional integration and is used in many countries. 

We propose to consider examples of software products. This rating presents free online CRM in the format from the worst to the best. It is worth noting that you can choose any software from this rating. But we recommend paying attention to the leading position — Bitrix24.


Zoho CRM is a cloud—based online service suitable for optimizing customer information. The developers offer free use of all basic functions. To fully work with Zoho, the user must choose a suitable tariff package, the minimum cost is $14 per month.

The key direction of this software is to optimize communication with the target audience through social networks, messengers and e—mail. There are also functions for reporting, analysis of stored information. It is worth noting the disadvantages — Zoho CRM is relevant for companies that use other Zoho services. In addition, this system is not suitable for small businesses due to the large number of functions.

Multichannel CRM system suitable for simultaneous execution of several tasks. A special feature of the software is the interface that allows you to work simultaneously in several sections on the same screen. Otherwise, it is a fairly simple system structure, suitable for small companies with a variety of activities. — this is a free online CRM. But free features and a discount of up to $10 per month are only available to non-profit organizations or students. In addition, some limited options are not suitable for medium and large businesses. 

Mistakes when choosing CRM for business

Do you want to choose the best free CRM for business? Then pay attention to the mistakes that users often make:

  • The lack of proper distribution of job responsibilities;
  • Chaos in the documentation;
  • A wrongly constructed sales funnel;
  • Incorrectly configured interface.

Clearly, CRM tools will not be able to restore order in the company and organize the proper work of employees. A similar problem can occur in an unordered document flow. That is, before applying CRM, the head of the company must get rid of the positions described above. 

Mistakes in building a sales funnel often consist in the redundancy of passing the stages from attracting a customer to concluding a deal. Here, you also need to manually optimize the sales funnel algorithm before implementing CRM. Properly configured CRM software will help to avoid a lot of mistakes. Therefore, before implementing a system product at the enterprise, the manager must make the correct settings of all CRM tools. 


Automation of business workflows allows you to improve the work of all areas and expectedly increases profits. We recommend paying attention to the best free online CRM — for example, Bitrix24.

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