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Curious About Student Views on AI Writing Tools? Here’s What We Found Out!



Getting through school can be tough, especially when it’s time to write tricky essays. But guess what? 

Students have a cool trick – they can get help from AI writing tools to make things simpler. 

We talked to a bunch of students, and their stories are pretty surprising. Let’s hear from them about the problems they had and how these special tools from certain websites gave them a hand.

Olivia, a student exploring English Literature, had a tough job – writing about a complicated modern book. Olivia needed help and turned to

Olivia shared, “ became my writing buddy when I was stuck with a book essay. It didn’t just organize my thoughts; it also gave me cool ideas to explore the story deeply. It felt like having a friend to brainstorm with, helping me see new things about the book. It turned my tricky essay into a fun adventure.

Ethan, a junior in Sociology studies, faced a puzzle while working on a research paper about society. Wanting guidance, Ethan used

Ethan said, “ was like a virtual buddy when I got stuck with my sociological research. Instead of just giving answers, it asked smart questions that helped me improve my arguments. It felt like having a research friend, making me think hard and giving me insights that made my work better.

Mia, a History fan, found herself in a twisty historical assignment. Wondering what to do, Mia decided to try

Mia shared, “ was my savior when I got stuck on a tricky history assignment. It didn’t just create a good draft based on what I told it; it also pointed me to places where I could learn more. It felt like having a smart friend by my side, guiding me and making history clearer, helping me not only finish the task but also understand it better and use that knowledge in my work.

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Ryan, a tech-loving junior studying Computer Science, faced a code puzzle that seemed too tricky. Seeking help, Ryan tried ChatGPT.

Ryan explained, “I used ChatGPT when I had a coding problem that felt like a big puzzle. While it gave me some basics, I needed more help to understand it better. The tool was good for starting, but I realized I had to find more resources to really get the coding concepts.”

Observing the experiences of students who utilized these tools, a common theme emerged, and that is the time-saving benefits. However, it’s crucial to note that not every student was completely satisfied with the results produced by these tools.

Final Thoughts!

After listening to what students said about using different AI writing tools, we realized these tools are actually useful because they save time and give helpful ideas. 

The students all agree that these tools are like writing teammates, but you shouldn’t rely on them completely. These tools are great at making plans and giving suggestions, but the important thing is to add your own thoughts. That’s what makes your work special and true to you.

As we finish talking about these tools, the main idea is to use them carefully, like helpers and not replacements. It’s like a team effort – these tools work well with your own ideas, making your writing better. 

But remember, using only the tools might take away the unique touch that comes from your own thoughts.

So, in simple words, these tools can be good helpers, but don’t forget to add your own magic to keep your work special.


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