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Different Cases That A Personal Injury Lawyer Handles



No matter what kind of injury you receive, you are qualified for compensation. You might also be eligible for punitive damages in certain situations where the defendant engaged in egregiously negligent behavior that resulted in you suffering from psychological or physical harm.

Examples of such behaviors include driving while intoxicated, deliberately teasing you, stalking you, and other egregious negligence. Contact RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers to get further guidance.

Different cases that a personal injury lawyer handles

Some examples of personal injury cases for which you may be able to seek compensation are as follows:

  • Vehicle accidents: Any accident involving two vehicles is referred to as a vehicle accident. This category includes collisions involving cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, and bicycles. There are two types of car accidents: those that are caused by negligence, like driving while intoxicated, distracted, or under the influence, & actual accidents.
  • Accidents involving pedestrians: Since most pedestrian accidents include both pedestrians and motor vehicles, they are frequently classified as vehicle accidents.
  • Medical malpractice cases: These occur when a medical professional violates standard medical protocols, resulting in harm to a patient. Misdiagnoses, harmful birth errors by doctors, and surgical errors like leaving foreign objects in a patient’s body or amputation of the wrong body part are a few examples of these.
  • Slip-and-fall cases: If you were hurt in someone else’s house, you might be suing an individual defendant; if you were hurt in a place of business, you might be suing a manufacturer or store; if you were injured in a public place, you might be suing the government or a state or national park; and so on. The law pertaining to premises liability covers this kind of accident.
  • Defamation for libel and slander cases: Libel and slander cases are more challenging to win in defamation law because the aggrieved party has to demonstrate that the defendant’s false statements caused harm to their reputation. Slander involves spoken word, while libel is written, making it easier to prove.
  • Bites by dogs and other animals: Although small bites might not seem like much, if the animal is ill, they could result in a serious illness. Additionally, severe physical harm or even death can result from animal bites.
  • Workplace accidents: These are mishaps that happen while you are working and keeping track of time. Regardless of whether a workplace accident is caused by faulty equipment, coworker or employer negligence, a lack of proper safety gear, or other negligent actions, the employer may be held liable for damages. You may submit a worker’s compensation claim after an accident at work.
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