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Exploring the Ideal Hair: Hair Transplant or Hair System?




In today’s appearance-oriented society, hair loss and thinning have become significant concerns for many individuals. When faced these issues, people often consider two main solutions: hair transplant surgery and hair systems. In this blog post, we will delve into hair loss solutions, and by understanding hair transplant and hair systems from different perspectives, you can make a clear decision on which solution is better for you.

Hair Transplant Surgery 

It is a common treatment for baldness or hair loss in both men and women. This surgical procedure is typically carried out in specialized medical institutions and requires a certain recovery period.

Hair transplant surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and the duration of the procedure depends on the number of grafts needed and the technique used. Recovery time may vary. After the procedure, the transplanted hair may initially fall out.

The key advantage of hair transplant surgery is its long-term effectiveness. The transplanted hair continues to grow naturally. However, it is important to note that hair transplant surgery comes with surgical risks and a recovery period. Individuals seeking a quick, visible effect without surgical intervention might find hair transplant surgery less appealing.

Hair Systems 

The hair system is a base and hair strand combination designed to address hair loss or thinning hair. It can provide a natural-looking hair replacement for individuals who have lost their hair due to genetic factors, medication, chemotherapy, illness, or other reasons.

A typical hair system consists of the following components:

Base: The base is a crucial part of the hair system that is adhered or secured to the scalp. Bases come in various materials such as mono, lace, silk, and skin. The choice of base depends on individual needs and comfort.

Hair strands: Hair Strands are divided into real hair and synthetic hair. human hair is made from the natural hair of donors. One of its advantages is versatility. They are similar in texture and appearance to our own hair and therefore look more natural. Human hair can be colored, styled, and trimmed to suit individual preferences. Synthetic hair has several advantages including low cost, easy maintenance, durability, and availability in a wide range of colors. In addition, synthetic hair can retain its shape over a longer period due to the texture and shape designed in advance.

Factors to consider when comparing options 

Longevity of Effects: Hair transplants are a long-lasting solution to surgical procedures that allow hair to grow in the area of your hair loss to blend naturally with the surrounding hair. However, recovery requires a long wait. On the other hand, High-quality hair systems usually last longer and stay in good condition with proper care and maintenance. They retain their shape and appearance better, making them last longer. Moderate use and rotation of multiple hair systems can reduce the frequency of use of a single wig and extend its life. 

Surgical risks and recovery time: Both hair transplant surgery and wear hair system have some risks. Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure and there is a risk that it can cause complications, and for some time after the procedure, patients may experience discomfort and pain. Postoperative hair loss is also a common phenomenon. In comparison, wearing a wig is a non-surgical solution which has lower risk. It is generally attributed to personal usage habits that can cause itching and allergies on the scalp. However, with proper care, these situations can be avoided, making the risk of wearing a hair system negligible compared to hair transplantation.

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Economic costs: In terms of economic costs, hair transplant surgery is typically a higher initial investment. The cost includes the surgery itself as well as post-operative recovery and care expenses. Hair transplant surgery prices vary by region, hospital, and individual patient factors. Additionally, because hair transplant surgery requires a specialized doctor to operate, the doctor’s experience and reputation can also affect costs. In comparison, the financial cost of wearing a wig is relatively low. Hair systems on the market are affordable, and good quality can be worn many times with proper care and storage, further reducing the cost of purchasing a hair system. In addition, wearing a hair system can usually be done at home itself. The costs incurred in wearing a wig are generally much lower than hair transplants.

Daily Maintenance: Regarding daily maintenance, a hair transplant requires a certain recovery period and special care. After the surgery, attention should be paid to protecting the wound and avoiding intense exercise to ensure that hair follicles can grow smoothly. Additionally, transplanted hair needs to be trimmed and cared for regularly to maintain a neat and healthy state. In comparison, hair system maintenance is relatively simple. It only requires attention to cleaning and regular replacement. Since hair systems are not affected by the body’s internal factors, they do not suffer from some of the conditions that real human hair does and are easier to care for and maintain than natural hair. Massaging the scalp with a shampoo developed for wigs will keep them clean. It is also important to protect your hair system by avoiding the use of chemical products.


If you opt for a hair system, regular replacement and cleaning are necessary to maintain the health and appearance of your hair. But it is convenient for you. If you choose hair transplant surgery, following the doctor’s advice.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to both hair transplant surgery and hair implant systems, and the choice depends on individual needs and preferences. However, if you value quick results, affordable costs and flexibility in appearance, then a hair system may better meet your expectations. It is important to note that hair transplant surgery is not suitable for people with thinning hair but a healthy scalp. However, hair systems are suitable for all those who are plagued by hair loss in a way that is both affordable and convenient.

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