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Feskov Clinic: Transparent Surrogacy – Understanding Your Surrogate Mother Costs



IVF Center of reproductive medication of professor Feskov O.M. offers the treatment of gestation of all kinds for ladies and men. Feskov klinik’s own scientific progression and research in the field of treatment of infertility make the Feskov klinik one of the most productive IVF centers in the CIS. 

Feskov klinik center of assisted reproduction of professor Feskov O.M. settles down in the technical structure designed and erected taking into account demands for productive work of the IVF center for fertility treatment.The Feskov klinik offers the latest treatment methods, the effectiveness of which in cases of diseases of the reproductive system is the highest. The center of infertility works in the Feskov klinik establishment. 

Selection of Surrogate Mother

Our Reproductive Specialists carry out thorough examinations (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis, HIV,thyroid examination, syphilis) of the surrogate mother. After successfully clearing all the tests, the Surrogate Mother is declared fit for pregnancy. Feskov Clinic has a complete database of donors/surrogate mothers. 

This Reproductive Center also supports the remote surrogacy programs, so surrogate mothers are sent to other countries especially Portugal, Austria, Russia, Spain, Holland, Canada, USA, Czech Republic and Belgium. Cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine is economy class. Some necessary conditions for Surrogate mother:

  • Surrogate Mother should have given birth to child/children 
  • Surrogate Mother should have No contraindications for pregnancy
  • Age limit for Surrogate Mother ranges between 20 to 40 years 
  • Normal reproductive indicator
  • Surrogate Mother should be physically, emotionally and mentally ready for the pregnancy

Cost of a surrogate mother

The kosten  leihmutter  will depend on where you reside and the range of service you seek out.  Naturally stating, a kosten  leihmutter  under of $ 100,000. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas estimates the cost of a surrogacy ranges from $ 110,000 to $ 170,000. Meanwhile, West Coast Surrogacy estimates the cost between $ 190,000 and $ 230,000.   

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In general, parents should deposit for an average cost of surrogacy ranging from $ 35,000, understanding the range is grounded on varying services and expenses that may be wanted for each respective situation. kosten  leihmutter, the surrogacy service fee, the rate of IVF and fertility treatments as well as legal pricing, trip and other charges. 


Feskov klinik recognizes that this is a valuable process, but we’re committed to defending the fiscal and emotional investments, and are happy to offer a platform of clearness and security for this acute trip. A perfect cost schedule, posting the costs of using a surrogate mother, will be delivered during your individual consultation.

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