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Hard Rock Nick Net Worth: How Rich is the Instagram Star?



Hard Rock Nick Net Worth

Hard Rock Nick is an American Instagram star. He is best known for his pursed-lip selfies with over-the-top captions on Instagram. Nick has earned 138K followers on Instagram. He is also popular for his interesting videos on TikTok, where he has 73.6K followers and 1.3 million likes. As of 2023, Hard Rock Nick net worth is estimated to be roughly $5 million.

Who is Hard Rock Nick?

Real Name Nicholas Rock Johannsen
Birthday June 17, 1977
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Profession Instagram star
Wife Eliz Humptin
Net Worth $5 million

Hard Rock Nick is a famous social media star from Nevada. He is known for posting interesting, funny videos on TikTok.

Hard Rock Nick was born on June 17 in the year 1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His real name is Nicholas Rock Johannsen. Nick shares the same name as German economist, Nicholas August Ludwig Jacob Johansen. However, he is not related to the economist in any way. He is likewise confused with the former member of Queens of Stone Age and Kyuss, Nick Oliveri.

Nick spent his childhood days in Manhattan Beach, California. There is hardly any information available regarding his education, parents, and siblings.

Hard Rock Nick Net Worth & How He Made Money?

Hard Rock Nick

Nick created his Instagram account in 2015. Within a short time, he was able to get a lot of attention because of his eccentric looks. He posted his first picture in October, which was a mirror selfie from a gym. As he started sharing more pictures with funny and uppity captions, he quickly garnered thousands of followers.

Nick is a self-proclaimed millionaire who portrays himself as a rich, spoiled, and arrogant man. He also pretends to be living a lavish lifestyle. On his Instagram bio, he has mentioned himself as a hotel and casino mogul. Likewise, he claimed that he has been into the Forbes Top 100 2022.

Just four days back on June 11, he shared a video post with the caption “just paid $10 million cash for a 3 bedroom condo here #stregis”. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe any words he shared in the post. One of the Instagram users commented on his post saying that he was filed for bankruptcy and still posting this shit. While other users commented, that this dude is faker than a $2 bill.

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Hard Rock is quite popular on TikTok as well. In his TikTok bio, he stated that he can’t be canceled because the money is already in his account. He shared his recent TikTok video on June 7, where he shares “target got all these games but still no ps5 consoles nearly 2 years after launch date”. His TikTok videos get thousands of views in a very quick time. He got 1 million views on his TikTok video that he shared on May 1, which has the caption “only on this app to get a girlfriend for the summer”.

Nick also has a self-titled YouTube channel, where he has 14.2k subscribers. He uploaded his first YouTube video titled “Hard Rock Nick on his way to LA Scala in Beverly Hills!” on March 4, 2013. The video has amassed over 15k views. Nick is still very active on YouTube. Nick uploaded his recent video on November 17, 2021, and has the title “Famed Hotelier Hard Rock Nick Lists Top 10 Alpha Males Who Moved During the pandemic!”.

Personal Life

Hard Rock Nick is reported to be married to Eliz Humptin. However, there is no detail available yet on his private life. Nick has been into controversy for being a racist. He is accused of putting captions that resemble the Caucasian race more supreme than other races. Sources revealed that he himself belongs to mixed ethnicity as his dad is from Iran and his mom is from Turkey.

Hard Rock Nick Net Worth Timeline

Year Hard Rock Nick Net Worth (estimated)
2019 $2.5 million
2020 $3.2 million
2021 $4 million
2022/ start of 2023 $5 million

Hard Rock Nick’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2023. He reportedly earns an annual income of around $80 thousand. The self-claimed one of the richest men in the world has also earned many business opportunities due to his online popularity. He has collaborated with famous model Chrissy Teigen and has appeared as a guest on Jason Ellis Show twice in 2019.

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