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How Does a Round Screen Printing Machine Work: Step-by-Step Guide



When you want to print on something that is round or cylindrical, you need a round screen printing machine, which is also sometimes called a rotary screen printing machine. There are a lot of different kinds of businesses that use this machine to print on tubes, bottles, and other tubular items. 

Important Components of Round Screen Printing Machine

1.      Cylindrical Screen

The cylindrical screen is the spinning drum or cylinder that has fine mesh material stretched around its edge. It is the heart of the machine. A photographic emulsion is put on the mesh to make the design or pattern that is wanted. This cylinder-shaped screen is necessary to get ink on the cylinder-shaped items.

2.      Registration System

A registration system is built into the machine to make sure that the cylindrical item and the cylindrical screen are perfectly lined up. This system lets you precisely place the object, which makes sure the print goes on right.

3.      Ink Supply System

The machine has an ink supply system that usually has a reservoir or other place for the ink. A controlled device sends the ink to the screen, making sure that the flow of ink is steady and even during the printing process.

4.      Rotating Mechanism

The cylinder-shaped screen is attached to a mechanism that lets it spin constantly or sometimes. This rotation is necessary to bring the cylinder-shaped item into contact with the screen so that the printing is even all the way around.

5.      Drying System

 After the ink is put on, the printed material is often quickly dried with a drying system that is built into the machine. Based on the type of ink being used, different drying methods may be used, such as infrared drying, hot air drying, or UV cure.

6.      Control Panel and Automation Features

A lot of new round screen printing machines have a control panel that lets the user set and keep an eye on things like printing speed, ink flow, and drying temperature. Some automation features may include settings that can be programmed and the ability to automatically load and unload cylinder-shaped items.

How does a Round Screen Printing Machine Work?

Setting up a cylindrical screen: A cylindrical screen is what the round screen printing machine is all about. This screen is usually made of a fine mesh material that is similar to flat screen printing screens. However, it is bent to fit the shape of the cylinder that needs to be printed on.

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Registration System: There is a registration system in place to make sure that the cylinder and the writing screen are lined up correctly. This is very important for getting accurate and good pictures, especially when there are a lot of colors involved.

Ink Supply System: The machine has an ink supply system that holds the ink in a tank or container. After that, the ink is carefully sent to the screen to make sure it covers the cylinder correctly.

Squeegee Mechanism: Ink is pushed through the holes in the cylindrical screen and onto the surface of the cylindrical object with the help of a squeegee system. A lot of the time, the squeegee is made to fit the shape of the circular screen.

Rotating Mechanism: The cylinder-shaped screen is attached to a mechanism that lets it spin either continuously or occasionally. When the cylinder-shaped object is put into the machine, it is turned against the cylinder-shaped screen. This makes sure that the ink covers the whole object evenly.

Cleaning System: Once the ink is dry, a cleaning system can be used to dry the printed material quickly and well. Depending on the type of ink used, this could mean drying in the air, with infrared light, or some other way.

Automation Features: Some round screen printing machines may have automation features like computerized control systems, programmable settings, and automatic loading and unloading of cylindrical items to make them more efficient and consistent.

Versatility: Round screen printing tools are adaptable and can be changed to work with many different kinds of cylindrical objects, like tubes, bottles, and more. Many times, these tools are used in the packaging business to print logos, labels, and other information on cylindrical packaging.

Ability to be adjusted: The machine can usually be adjusted to fit cylinders of different sizes and shapes. This ability to be adjusted gives you the freedom to print a wide range of items with different sizes and lengths.

Round screen printing machines are often used in fields where round items need to be printed accurately and consistently. The method works well for making a lot of things at once, like bottles for drinks, containers for cosmetics, and other cylindrical packing materials.

We hope, this guide helped you understand the mechanism and functionality of a Round Screen Printing Machine. You can explore more about it in our website to better understand it.

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