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How smoking affects men’s health



Smoking is something that attaches to manhood one time. However, presently females also come into parity with men here. Still, nearly 6 out of 10 men are smokers and among smokers, near to 4 out of 10 are heavy smokers. Proneness to cancer is something that you often hear everywhere when matters related to smoking come before. However, there is great dispute in the fact, when you talk about the same with data in your hand.

Does this mean, smoking is good for health? Smoking is really harmful to your body and that affects your body not only in one way that is through the mode of cancer but in different ways. What happens exactly, when you smoke? The answer to this very question is almost unknown to 70 percent of smokers too. So, first know that and then we will go for the different effects that smoking has on men’s bodies. While you know that, you will also know why your doctor recommended you to take Cenforce 200 mg.

As you smoke

When you puff at your cigarette, smoke is generated and it gets filtered through the cotton pad behind the tobacco bunch or weed-bunch. The smoke then directly enters your lungs through your throat. This is only 50 per cent of the fact that happens actually. To be authentic to the facts, only 50 per cent of the smoke gets to the lungs through the throat. The remaining 50 per cent enters the brain and then the smoke gets dissolved into the nerves directly. Through the nerves, that spreads into the heart and other organs, as it gets mixed with the blood.

What is so problematic and what is the effect of smoking?

Nicotine, which forms from the tobacco that you find from a cigarette, has the natural tendency to dismantle cells. Hence, the nicotine layer in your nerves, in your throat, in your brain, and in your lungs acts in cell division. Therefore, be clear on the fact that smoking will not form cancer in your body, but smoking will spread cancer in your body at the speed of light. Hence, if you are a cancer patient, then smoking is similar to committing suicide, but it is not going to cause cancer in you.

Then your question remains – is cigarette smoking not injurious to health? Do not make a mistake here. Cell division, insisted by external agents like nicotine can be good for the time being. In case you are having a headache or are overloaded with stress, a major cell division at the time can give you a big relief, but when there is no headache, no stress, then the same cell division can damage your body in several ways.

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How does nicotine affect me?

Consider a cell to be a unit of population within your body. Excess population – you are quite aware of the effects of the same, as you can see in the present world. The same thing happens when your body finds an excess population of cells, which forms as a result of the effect of nicotine and cell division. Resource is limited and the same limited resource would now feed to the excess cells in your body too. Therefore, what you find is a lack of nutrition in all the cells.

Causes heart-attack

As the cells get weaker, different bodily functions get weaker and weaker. The initial effect will be on your heart and you might have a stroke if your condition becomes too poor. The last effect is on the blood, whose viscosity becomes immense for the excess amount of cells in it. As a result of that excess viscosity, you find your heart to beat faster at the beginning and gradually that will go down to a great extent. Why does this happen and what happens for the result of the same?

Causes disorders in you

As the number of cells increases in your blood, the population becomes very high, and with each beat of the heart, the amount of blood that the arteries flown earlier is not maintained any more. Therefore, your heart starts beating speedily, so that the amount of blood that must be flown can be transmitted to the arteries. But after a certain time, your heart starts weakening, for the excess load it took, and for that, it will slow down randomly and can cause a heart attack too.

However, a heart attack is the final show to be shown, before that; there are different things that you will face. One of them is related to sexual disorders, where your heart will be unable to carry the necessary blood to the pulmonary area and you will face certain disorders. Treatment is there for the same, where your doctor will suggest you take Vidalista 60 mg for Sale for years. However, the drug will not work properly, as nicotine is more powerful than Cenforce 150 mg from Powpills.

So, you can understand clearly that, smoking will not bring cancer in you, but it can expand your cancer and ensure your death. On the other hand, it can destroy your serenity of life and can bring heart attack in you too.

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