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How to Choose Wig Color for Your Skin Tone?



Have you ever wondered why some colors look better on you while others make you look dull? This is because of the skin tone. Your skin tone plays a vital role in finding the right hair color for yourself. If you like wearing colored wigs and you want to find the best wig color for yourself, then considering your skin tone is very important.

The main thing you need to understand when figuring out your skin tone is the undertones. In this article, we have mentioned how you can find your skin tone and pick the right wig color according to your skin color. So, let’s jump right into the article.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone?

The first and most important thing is to understand your skin tone. How to tell your skin tone then?

Removing all the makeup and keeping a white towel around your face is the best way to know your skin color. This will neutralize the light around you and all the shadows. 

  • Now look at your skin and see if you see bluer on your skin or yellow.
  • If you can see more blue shades in your skin, this means you have cooler undertones. 
  • Meanwhile, more yellow pigment in your skin represents that you have warm undertones. 
  • If you see both yellow and blue hues in your skin, this can indicate you have a neutral undertone. 

Another simple way of figuring out the undertones is by looking at the veins in your wrist. 

  • If they look more on the greener side, you have a warmer undertone. 
  • However, if they appear bluish, then you have a cooler undertone. 
  • If you can’t figure out the color of your veins and there is a hint of green, blue, and even purple, you have a neutral undertone. 

You can even ask a makeup professional to help determine your skin tone.

How to Choose Wigs for Your Skin Tone?

Once you have figured out your undertone by the above mentioned methods, you need to know what lace wig colors will complement your skin color. Below, we have mentioned in detail how to narrow down the wig and find the perfect match for yourself, let’s move on!

Warm Undertone

If you have a warm undertone, this means you have more of a yellowish tint in your skin. A warm undertone means you might have hazel, green, or even a member tint in your eyes. 

In such cases,we suggest you to pick nude shades of lip color and warm reds. It is always recommended to stick to warmer tones of the clothes instead of cooler tones such as blues and pinks. Warmer tones will enhance the hue of your skin and make you look brighter.

  • When it comes to wigs, it is suggested to go for rich brown shades. If you want to go blonde, look for warm-toned blondes or wigs with auburn or copper tints.
  • Moreover, if you have fair skin color, strawberry, and honey blonde will look amazing. 
  • For people with medium skin color, coppery and caramel shades of wigs will complement the best. 
  • Olive and dark-skinned people with warm undertones should opt for rich brown and toffee-colored wigs.

Cool Undertone

A cool undertone means your skin has a blue or pinkish hue. Primarily, people who have a cool undertone have extraordinarily light or dark-colored eyes. This means they can have either grey or green or extremely dark brown or black eyes.

For people with cool undertones, use pink and purple-toned lipsticks are better as compared to the warmer tones.

When it comes to clothes, they should be sticking to blues, greens, cool tones of pink, and even cool tones of red. 

  • Regarding hair color, they can rock platinum blonde and even ashy-tone blonde. Dark brown and jet-black hair can look mesmerizing on people with cool undertones.
  • If you have fair skin and a cool undertone, then you should definitely pick the ashy-toned and platinum blonde hd lace wigs. Even the gingery red wigs can look amazing on such people. 
  • For individuals with medium skin, blonde with a blurred hue, walnut-y brown shade, and even jewel shade wigs can look amazing.
  • Lastly, olive and dark-skinned people can go for auburn and chestnut brown shade. They can even style jet-black wigs, which will suit them perfectly.
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Neutral Undertone

If you are a neutral undertone person, you are lucky. Neutral undertones mean you have the right amount of blue and yellow tint in your skin. You can easily wear all the colors that people with warm tones and cool tones people wear. This also means that you can pull off every kind of wig shade.

If you want to be more precise, figuring out which side you lean towards and which undertone is dominant can help you narrow down the shades that look better than the others. But people with neutral undertones can style and get every wig color which will suit them perfectly.

Tips to Select the Right Wig Color

After selecting the wig color according to your skin tone, there are a few other things that you need to look into to ensure your wig suits you amazingly and does not look fake. Following are a few things that you should consider.

Consider Your Natural Hair

Your natural hair color is something that suits you the best and does not look fake. This is why when you are trying to get the wigs, it is essential that you consider the color that is close or in the shades of your natural color. This will also help you blend the wigs naturally with your hairline, and your wigs won’t look fake on you.

Pick Color According to Your Eye Color

Your eye color also plays a vital role in picking the right wig color. Pick the color that will enhance the hues of your eyes and will make them pop. This means picking warm-toned wigs like honey blonde will make your blue eyes pop. Similarly, for another eye color, you can choose the shades of your wig that will make them brighter. This is an important thing to consider because if your wig color makes your eyes dull, it won’t look good with your skin tone as well. 

Experiment with Different Shades

Don’t forget to have fun. You might be going to the wigs because you want to have fun and experiment with new colors. Look for colors that attract you. Try them on and find something that looks good with your skin tone and eye color and matches your hair. Once you understand the connection between these three things, you can find the perfect wig color for yourself.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all! If you want to get a new wig for yourself, understanding your skin color is very important. When you know your skin’s undertones, you can also pick the right shade of wig for yourself. Finding a wig that compliments your skin tone can be a game changer because it will make you look more lively and give your skin a brighter look. 

While choosing the shades, make sure you have fun and experiment with different colors to know what suits you best. We hope that with our article, you can know how to choose the correct wig for your skin tone.

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