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How to collect and use stickers in Monopoly GO




Monopoly GO is a mobile game based on the classic Monopoly board game, where players compete with friends and family to buy, rent, and trade virtual properties. In this game, stickers are unique collectibles that players can earn through various in-game activities.

Monopoly GO Stickers play an important role in the game. They are not only used to decorate your virtual album but also to unlock exclusive in-game rewards by completing sticker albums. These rewards include free dice, cash, and unique player tokens. Completing an entire sticker album can earn players even bigger prizes, making sticker collection a key objective for many players.

Method of obtaining stickers

Daily Login Rewards

Logging in daily grants free stickers, making it one of the simplest ways to collect stickers.

Shop Freebies

Regularly check the shop for free items, which may include sticker packs, seizing the opportunity to acquire extra stickers.

Free Gifts Every Eight Hours

Open free gifts every eight hours for a chance to receive sticker packs, boosting sticker collection efficiency.

Participating in Events and Tournaments

Engage in various in-game events and tournaments; besides rewards, there’s a chance to earn stickers as additional prizes.

Trading via Sticker GO! App

Use the Sticker GO! app to trade stickers with friends, helping complete missing sticker sets.

Buying Sticker Packs on BuyMMOG

Purchase sticker packs on BuyMMOG platform as an effective way to quickly accumulate stickers, especially for players aiming to expedite sticker set completions.

How to Exchange Duplicate Stickers for Rewards

In Monopoly GO, players can exchange duplicate stickers for additional rewards using the “Stickers for Rewards” feature, available once every 24 hours. Here’s how to do it:

Access the Stickers for Rewards Page

Open the “Sticker Album” in the game.

Click on the safe icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Select Reward Type

Players can choose rewards based on the total number of sticker stars they have accumulated.

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Available options include rewards for 250 stars, 500 stars, and 1000 stars.

Redeem Rewards

Depending on their sticker star count, players can redeem one of the following safes:

Green Safe (250 stars): Contains 100 to 145 free dice and a three-star sticker pack.

Blue Safe (500 stars): Includes 225 to 300 free dice, a four-star sticker pack, and a three-star sticker pack.

Purple Safe (1000 stars): Provides 400 to 550 free dice, a five-star sticker pack, a four-star sticker pack, and a mystery sticker pack.

Strategy Tips

Collaborate with friends to collect more sticker stars and unlock higher-level rewards.

Regularly use the Stickers for Rewards feature to expedite collection and enhance gameplay enjoyment.

Rewards Upon Completing Sticker Albums

Upon completing a sticker album in Monopoly GO, you can expect the following rewards:

  • Abundant Dice: Used for rolling in-game to move around.
  • Cash Rewards: In-game currency for purchasing properties and items.
  • Unique Player Tokens: Showcase your achievement in sticker collecting. Showcase Your Collection and Earn the Grand Prize

Completing a sticker album not only signifies your collection prowess but also offers additional perks:

  • Display Your Collection: Show off your complete sticker album in the game community, demonstrating your collecting achievements to other players.
  • Grand Prize: As a reward for fully completing the sticker album, you may earn special in-game or external rewards, such as limited-edition items or eligibility for exclusive events.


Completing sticker albums in Monopoly GO is not just about collecting virtual stickers; it’s a journey that rewards players with valuable in-game resources and prestige. From abundant dice and cash rewards to unique player tokens, each completed album enhances your gameplay experience and showcases your dedication. Moreover, by displaying your collection and potentially earning grand prizes, you can stand out in the game’s community and enjoy exclusive benefits. Embrace the challenge of completing albums, and reap the rewards that come with mastering the art of sticker collecting in Monopoly GO.

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