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How to Deal with False Criminal Accusations in Jersey City



If you have been wrongfully accused of committing a crime, you must hire a skilled defense attorney to protect your rights and help you avoid the possible consequences like going to prison. Never assume that the criminal courts will always get to the truth when handling cases. Rather, false accusations occur. So, you must not face the accusations without a knowledgeable defense attorney at Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, P.C. by your side.

The Risks of False Criminal Accusations

If somebody falsely accuses you of violating state law, you could face the following:

  • Criminal charges. A criminal conviction can result in jail or prison. The incarceration rate in Jersey City is high with thousands of people put behind bars every year. 
  • Immigration consequences. A criminal conviction could result in deportation for non-citizens. Even an arrest or charge can result in immigration consequences. 
  • Difficulty securing housing. The Fair Chance in Housing Act in New Jersey restricts the ability of a housing provider to consider the criminal history of a person when determining whether to rent them a house. An arrest or charge that has led to a criminal conviction can’t be considered. However, a previous conviction for major crimes like murder, kidnapping, or aggravated sexual assault can be held against you.
  • Loss of professional license. Some criminal convictions in Jersey City can disqualify you from possessing a professional license. As a result, you could lose business opportunities and earning power. License revocation can happen for crimes of moral turpitude like theft, fraud, drug-related offenses, or sexual assault. 
  • Employment consequences. Employers may just ask job applicants or perform background checks on their criminal history following a job interview. But they may decline your application if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime unless this record has been expunged. 
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Protecting Yourself Against False Accusations

False accusations or statements can arise out of personal conflicts or professional rivalries. If you are facing false accusations that could result in criminal, personal, or professional penalties, act right away to protect yourself. Aside from reaching out to a defense attorney, you should stay calm. This means not making any statement or counter-accusations. If you have been arrested and charged, tell the police calmly that you must speak with a lawyer. 

In addition, you must collect evidence in your favor. For instance, work records may offer evidence to demonstrate you were not in at alleged incident site when the false accusation happened. Your lawyer can collect and present evidence to the court to rebut the charges against you based on false accusations. 

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