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James Goldstein Net Worth (Updated 2023)



James Goldstein Net Worth

James Goldstein is an American businessman and real estate, developer. He is also an NBA superfan who came into the spotlight for attending NBA games in colorful and eccentric outfits. Goldstein is the owner of the Sheats-Goldstein Residence which is famous for being used in many movies. James Goldstein net worth is estimated at $350 million as of 2023.

Full Name James F. Goldstein
Date of Birth January 5, 1940
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Profession Businessman
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $350 million

Early Life

James Goldstein was born on January 5 in the year 1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born to C. Ellis Goldstein and Nanette. James’ dad, C. Ellis was a department store owner in Milwaukee. At 10 years of age, he started watching NBA games.

James was appointed by the Milwaukee Hawks to keep game statistics when he was 15. While working for the Hawks, his passion for NBA games grew exponentially. Since then, he devoted his entire life to professional basketball. He believed that basketball displays more athleticism than any other sport.

Goldstein held his high school graduation from Nicolet High School. While attending high school, he played for the high school basketball team. Then, he joined Stanford University.

James Goldstein Net Worth & How He Made Money?

James Goldstein

James has been in the limelight for making a presence in NBA games with his eccentric outfits. To date, he has attended more than 2000 NBA games. In his long journey as an NBA superfan, he has been a friend to many NBA players. However, he is not a fan of a particular team. He prefers to call himself a fan of NBA sports in general.

Goldstein has reportedly been involved in the real estate business in Los Angeles. As per the reports, he has earned billions through the real estate business most notably the Century City. James revealed that he had some investments that works out pretty well for him. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he made his money in mobile home parks.

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As per the sources, mobile home parks are usually rent-controlled. However, he constantly fought to increase rents at his properties. He even sued several cities that made an attempt to block his rent increases. James allegedly forced his tenants to purchase their properties from him or else they would have to move out. By doing so, he would be free to increase rents.

California’s city attorney, Sunny Soltani was not happy with the way he was earning money. The attorney even called his tactics litigation terrorism and made an accusation of building a huge fortune on the backs of the most vulnerable people in society.

Goldstein owns a Sheats Goldstein Residence, which has been featured in several magazines such as The New York Times and Town & Country. He purchased the house back in 1972. The previous owners had not kept the house in good condition.

James then commissioned the original designer of the house, John Lautner to make some improvements and changes to the house. Duncan Nicholson took over the redesign work after Lautner died in 1994. His house has been featured in various movies such as Charlie’s Angeles: Full Throttle and The Big Lebowski. 

Personal Life

James Goldstein is reportedly single. He has never been married and doesn’t share kids with anyone. James doesn’t believe in marriage either which has made him stay single for so long time. He is available on Instagram under the user name, @jamesfgoldstein. He is followed by 125K people on his official Instagram account.

What is James Goldstein’s Net Worth?

Year James Goldstein Net Worth (estimated)
until 2019 $225 million
2020 $270 million
2021 $310 million
2022 $350 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, James Goldstein’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $350 million as of 2023. He would be donating the famous mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Sheats Goldstein Residence to the LACMA Museum after his death. As of now, the mansion is reportedly worth $100 million.

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