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John Leonard Net Worth: How Rich is John Leonard in 2023?



John Leonard Net Worth

John Leonard is an American mountain ranger and a former business student. He is mostly recognized for his legal battle against Pepsi where he attempted to win the $23 million Harriet jet. Leonard was unfortunately unsuccessful in the endeavor. As of 2023, John Leonard net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Who is John Leonard?

Full Name John Leonard
Date of Birth In 1975
Age 47
Born Place United States
Profession Mountain ranger
Net Worth $1 million
Wife Dottie

 John Leonard is a mountain ranger from West Washington. He is known for his appearance in the Netflix docu-series, “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?”. In the series, he shared how he got the idea of winning a Harrier fighter jet from the titular beverage firm, Pepsi.

John Leonard was born in 1975 in the United States. Most of the information related to his young days is yet to get unveiled. Though, it is revealed that he grew up in a middle-class family in West Washington.

John Leonard Net Worth & Career

John had big aspirations since his childhood days and to full them, he started working odd jobs such as a bike shop employee, local delivery boy, paper boy, and window washer. Along with that, he also worked as a magazine seller, glass cutter, and climbing guide. Leonard soon got interested in mountains as he found peace and adventure in the high range.

In February 1996, he saw the infamous commercial of Pepsi that was offering a Harriet jet for 7 million trading points. Instantly he saw the commercial, he thought it was legitimate and had the desire to win the promotional prize. At that time, John was studying business at Shoreline Community College. He eventually thought Pepsi’s commercial a fair deal since the military-fighter jet would cost over $30 million.

Willing to get a jet, he started drinking 10 cans daily. He used to store those cans in warehouses. However, later he came out with a huge loophole after getting to know that a consumer only had to submit 15 points they had collected and the rest could be purchased for 10 cents each through a cheque. Following that, the amount was reduced to $700 thousand from $4.3 million.

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John also involved his close friend, Todd Hoffman in his idea. Surprisingly, Todd was interested in his plan and got ready to contribute some amount. However, the two friends’ plan of winning a Harriet jet was shattered by Pepsi after they revealed the commercial was merely a joke. Pepsi follows it up with a massive lawsuit and Leonard counter-filed a lawsuit against Pepsi. Leonard was then offered nearly $1 million as a settlement, however, he refused the amount.

Leonard had already made lucrative ideas after he would have got a $23 million jet. He had a plan of renting it out for air shows, ads, and movies. The legal battle later dragged on for more than three years. In the end, the court judge, Kimba Wood gave his verdict in support of Pepsi. Despite losing the battle, Leonard continued to claim that there was no disclaimer in the advertisement. A court judge, Wood gave a sensible reason that no reasonable person would ever believe that commercial constituted a serious offer.

Personal Life

John Leonard is a family man who is married to his wife, Dottie. He shares two kids with his wife; a son and a daughter. John seems to give more priority to his family right now. Along with that, he is also following his passion: mountain climbing.

John Leonard Net Worth

John Leonard has earned an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023. Since the court ruling and legal battle against Pepsi, he moved to Alaska. Leonard is currently working as a park ranger, through which, he might be earning between $50,000 to $80,000 a year.

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