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Lamor Whitehead Net Worth: How Rich is the Pastor Actually?



Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

Lamor Miller-Whitehead is a high-profile American pastor who was robbed during a live-streamed service in New York City. On Sunday, July 25, pastor Lamor was robbed of over $1 million worth of jewelry by gunmen. Whitehead is the leader of Tomorrow International Churches. As of 2022, Lamor Whitehead net worth is roughly around $2 million.

Full Name Lamor Miller-Whitehead
Birthday/Age 1978/44 years
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York
Profession Pastor
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $2 million

Early life

Lamor Miller-Whitehead was born in 1978 in Brooklyn, United States. His father, Arthur Miller was a politician and community activist. Lamor’s father was murdered by 16 police officers in the streets. The police officers had beaten and strangled his dad until he died. Lamor was raised by his mother along with his siblings.

Lamor Whitehead Net Worth & Career

Whitehead is known to be the leader of Tomorrow International Churches, which he founded in 2013. He describes the former president of Brooklyn, Eric Adams as his mentor. Pastor Lamor has attended the New York Theological Seminary. He has earned a certificate in Ministry in Human Services from the Theological Institution of Rising Hope Inc. Whitehead is a certified marriage and funeral officiant. In addition, he is a licensed New York, State Chaplain.

Pastor Lamor came into the headlines in June when he claimed that he was involved in negotiating the act of surrender of a man, Andrew Abdullah who was accused of shooting and killing a Goldman Sachs employee on the New York City Subway. At that time, he revealed that he was connected to the suspect’s family through his church. His presence caught my attention when he stepped out of a legal aid office with his Rolls-Royce.

Afterward, he suddenly got into the limelight after he and his beloved wife were robbed of over $1 million in jewelry while preaching in the church. Lamor is known for flashing his extravagant jewelry and wearing designer outfits.

Lamor and his spouse were robbed on Sunday, July 24. According to the police report, the 3 people entered the Leaders of Tomorrow Church with firearms. They removed the jewelry that Pastor Lamor and his wife were wearing. Part of the reported incident in the church was captured on video. The portion of the Livestream showed at least one perpetrator holding a firearm on the pastor and interrupting his sermon.

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In the video, the pastor, Whitehead was seen raising his hands and lowering himself to the floor. However, the video has been removed and is no longer available on the church’s Livestream. According to police, the robbers took off in a white Mercedes. Whitehead revealed that he and his family were targeted due to publicity that he received while helping and turning in the suspect in the fatal subway shooting of a 48-year-old man, Daniel Enriquez in May. After helping to find the suspect, he was called the bling, bling bishop by the media.

Personal Life

Pastor Lamor Miller Whitehead is a married man. However, the name is not known yet. However, it is known that he shares two lovely daughters named Soriah and Jaidyn Miller with his wife. The Whitehead family reportedly spends adequate time inside the church. Pastor Lamor has been quite active on Instagram after he was robbed by gunmen in church on July 24.

Whitehead’s official Instagram handle, @iambishopwhitehead has 1.6 million followers. On July 26, he posted a video saying that he would give 50,000 rewards for the arrest of the armed men that violated and robbed him and his wife at gunpoint in the middle of Church service. Likewise, he tagged Larry Red Live saying that he made a joke about his church being robbed and he tried to disrespect his family and his church.

Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

Lamor Whitehead’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2022. Whitehead has an extravagant amount of wealth which includes Louis Vuitton-emblazoned suits, flashy cars, and large jewelry.

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