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Lex Veldhuis Net Worth: How Rich is the Game Player Actually in 2023?



About Lex Veldhuis

Alexander Bastiaan Martin ‘Lex’ Veldhuis is a professional poker player and streaming personality. Veldhuis has been playing online poker since the mid-2000s when he was talked into giving the game a try. Veldhuis started out as an early-stage Esports player, as a serious StarCraft player, so he is no stranger to strategy gaming.

Veldhuis then gravitated to the land-based poker rooms of France and his native Netherlands before taking his first flight out to the card rooms of Las Vegas. It was in the Nevada desert where Veldhuis made a major impression at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), including a deep run at the WSOP’s 40th-anniversary competition in 2009, reaching the final table.

Since then, Veldhuis has spent several years on the live poker circuit and has also made a huge impression in online poker circles too, becoming an integral member of Team PokerStars, one of the longest-standing online poker platforms. Veldhuis has become a prominent live streamer on Twitch and YouTube, streaming his poker tournaments in major online events like the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).

Lex Veldhuis Early Life & Family

Veldhuis was born in Vlissingen, a modest coastal town in the southwest of the Netherlands. In his early life, Veldhuis was a keen sports player, but his thirst for competition saw him gravitate towards video games. He became a big Nintendo fan before being drawn to real-time strategy games like StarCraft.

Lex Veldhuis Career

  • Veldhuis started his competitive gaming career as a serious player of StarCraft: Brood War with Team Liquid.
  • After starting a criminology degree at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, Veldhuis quit his course to become a poker player.
  • Veldhuis had been introduced to No Limit Texas Hold’em by Team Liquid founder Victor Goossens, with Veldhuis starting out at $0.01/$0.02 NL cash game tables online.
  • Veldhuis became the sole Dutch poker player to appear on high-profile poker shows like The Big Game and High Stakes Poker.
  • Veldhuis’ biggest-ever win in his live poker career came at the 40th Anniversary WSOP event in 2009, bagging $277,939.
  • Veldhuis has career live poker earnings worth over $700,000.
  • The majority of his poker action is now played online with PokerStars. In 2020, he came 15th in the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) Main Event, receiving $62,620.
  • At the height of Veldhuis’ online poker days, he would multi-table millions of cash game hands at serious volumes, ensuring elite VIP status in the industry. In fact, he was a Supernova Elite player at PokerStars for three years running.
  • Veldhuis now enjoys a vibrant Twitch channel, which attracted almost 59,000 live viewers of his 2020 SCOOP Main Event performance.
  • Veldhuis now enjoys a base of 313,000+ followers on his Twitch channel, which documents his online poker journey.
  • In 2016, Veldhuis was inducted into the Dutch Poker Hall of Fame. He is currently 47th in the all-time money list among Dutch poker players, with Jorryt van Hoof and Jans Arends at the top of the pile right now.
  • You can catch Veldhuis live on Twitch Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm CET.
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Lex Veldhuis Net Worth

It is estimated that Veldhuis’ net worth exceeds $5 million, which is based on the strength of his live and online poker earnings, as well as his increasingly popular Twitch channel.

Some sites estimate that Twitch followers generate an average of approximately $2.50 in revenue per follower. With Veldhuis having over 313,000, this alone equates to revenues of $782,500, which is similar compared to streaming icons like Ishowspeed.

Lex Veldhuis Wife & Children

Veldhuis’ wife is Myrthe Veldhuis. The pair married in the summer of 2021 and enjoyed the birth of their first son in the same year.

The Dutchman continues to enjoy family life during his downtime away from the virtual poker tables. Nevertheless, a quick glance at his Twitch channel suggests he is still a regular weekly streamer of high-stakes games.

Lex Veldhuis Height & Weight

Veldhuis stands at a height of 1.83 metres (5ft 11”) and weighs in at approximately 70kg.

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