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Niko Omilana Net Worth: How Rich is the British YouTuber?



Niko Omilana Net Worth

Niko Omilana is a famous YouTuber from England. He posts funny videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. As of 2023,  Niko Omilana net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

Who is Niko Omilana?

Full Name Nikolas “Niko” Omilana
Birthday March 4, 1998
Birthplace Staffordshire, England
Profession YouTube star
Relationship Status Single (probably)
Net Worth $1.5 million

Niko Omilana is an English YouTube star and comedian. He is best known for his comedic sketches, parody, and prank videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. Niko is the founder and organizer of the Niko Defense League (NDL) Movement .

Niko Omilana was born on March 4 in the year 1998 in Staffordshire, England. He has not provided any details regarding his parents, early life, and academic achievements.

Niko was 13 when he created his YouTube channel on June 21, 2011. In the starting days, he played FIFA and made some skits. youtube views Niko used to play FIFA with another YouTuber, Johnny Carey. Along with him, he has made many skits and uploaded them on his YouTube channel. He uploaded his first video titled “Morgan Freeman Song” on August 30, 2014.

Niko Omilana Net Worth & How He Made Money?


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Niko started getting recognized after he uploaded pranks, parodies, and organic comedic sketches. Besides his solo YouTube channel, he is the founder and organizer of the NDL Movement (Niko Defense League”.

Niko’s most popular video on his channel has titled “Fake Employee Prank”. He made the popular video in McDonald’s Subway, Tesco, Asda, Apple store, and Ikea. However, after the video, he was banned from making entries in every Asda Store and IKEA in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Niko has also made collaborative videos with other YouTube stars like Aj Shabeel, Chunkz, KingKennyTv, and Sharky. He founded a group named “Beta Squad” with Kenny, Sparky, Shunkz, and Shabeel. Niko’s primary channel has 5.17 million subscribers as of now. All his YouTube videos easily get over a million views in a short time.

Niko is mainly recognized for his prank videos. His most recent prank video has a titled “I Pranked America’s Most Racist Man”, which was uploaded on May 14, 2022. As of now, the video has garnered over 23 million views.

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Niko was voted the highest among other candidates for Mayor of London from the Independent party in mid-2021. He actually ran for the Mayor of London in May 2021. In the end, he finished with 2 percent of first-place votes. Overall, the percentage of his vote was the fifth-highest of any candidate.

Niko also grabbed the attention after he was backlisted for the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight by DAZN. He was banned due to his actions at KSI vs Logan Paul fights. At that time, he was able to sneak into the boxing match but while making an attempt to get in the ring, he was kicked out by Security guards.

Despite he was banned for the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight, he tried to make an entry into the ring by changing his identity. He changed his face and named his identity Reng Sayeed. However, he couldn’t make it into the ring. Though, he was able to get past the guards, which was also a big achievement for him.

Personal Life

Niko Omilana is reportedly single as of now. He made a video titled “Dating A Girl In Front of Her Dad Prank” in December 2011. In the video, he pranked a girl’s dad by pretending as if he is dating his daughter. However, in reality, it was just a prank, and the girl was trying to win 1000 pounds. Niko has made several other prank videos related to dating girls. Nevertheless, in reality, he doesn’t seem to be dating anyone right now.

Niko Omilana Net Worth Timeline

Year Niko Omilana Net Worth (estimated)
up to 2019 $100,000
2020 $300,000
2021 $800,000
2022/ start of 2023 $1.5 million

Niko Omilana’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2023. He has amassed a considerable amount from making videos on YouTube. Niko reportedly generates $1 million in income in a year from YouTube.

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