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Out With the Old: Home Design Trends Builders Bid Adieu to in 2023



As we move further into the 21st century, the world of home design continues to evolve. Builders and architects are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and innovative concepts to bring into their projects. 

However, just as new trends emerge, some old ones must make way for progress. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some home design trends that most home builders melbourne want to bid farewell to in 2023.

Open Floor Plans Overdosed

The open floor plan once hailed as the paragon of spatial liberation, found itself at a crossroads in 2023. Builders, long enamoured by the promise of unbridled flow and connectivity, began to question the wisdom of this ubiquitous trend. 

While undeniably spacious and airy, open layouts often sacrifice privacy and acoustical integrity at the altar of aesthetic allure. In response, discerning builders now advocate for a more nuanced approach, striking a delicate balance between openness and compartmentalisation to cater to the divergent needs of modern homeowners.

All-White Interiors: The Blank Canvas Bereft of Soul

In the halcyon days of design yore, all-white interiors reigned supreme, casting a luminous veil of purity and simplicity over living spaces. Yet, as the pendulum of taste swung inexorably towards individuality and warmth, the allure of the monochromatic palette began to wane. 

Builders, attuned to the shifting zeitgeist, now eschew the clinical sterility of all-white interiors in favour of palettes infused with depth and personality. From earthy tones evoking the rustic charm of yesteryears to vibrant hues igniting the flames of creativity, today’s homes exude a palpable sense of vitality and character.

Minimalist Kitchens: The Cult of Spartan Simplicity

In the hallowed halls of design ethos, minimalist kitchens once reigned supreme, their austere elegance captivating the hearts of purists and pragmatists alike. Yet, beneath the veneer of sleek surfaces and unadorned aesthetics lay a void yearning to be filled with warmth and personality. 

Builders, cognizant of the human desire for sensory nourishment, now imbue kitchens with a rich tapestry of textures and tones, from reclaimed wood countertops to artisanal tile backsplashes, infusing these culinary sanctuaries with a soulful allure that transcends mere functionality.

Generic McMansions: The Suburban Specter of Homogeneity

Behold the age of the McMansion, where conformity reigned supreme and architectural diversity languished in the shadows of uniformity. Yet, as the winds of change swept across suburban landscapes, discerning builders embarked on a quest for authenticity and contextual relevance. 

No longer content to erect monolithic edifices devoid of character, they now champion a renaissance of architectural diversity, crafting homes that harmonise with their surroundings and reflect the unique ethos of their inhabitants.

Overly Complicated Smart Homes: Technological Overload

Enter the brave new world of smart homes, where the promise of convenience and connectivity collides with the perils of technological overindulgence. In their zeal to embrace the future, builders once inundated homes with a dizzying array of gadgets and gizmos, only to discover that complexity often breeds frustration. 

Today, they tread a more judicious path, integrating intuitive, user-friendly solutions that enhance the lives of homeowners without overwhelming them with a cacophony of buttons and screens.

Generic Builder-Grade Finishes: The Death Knell of Mediocrity

In the annals of home construction, the era of generic, builder-grade finishes stands as a testament to the triumph of expediency over excellence. 

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Yet, as discerning homeowners demand higher standards of quality and craftsmanship, builders find themselves compelled to raise the bar. From bespoke millwork to artisanal fixtures, they now lavish homes with finishes that elevate the mundane to the sublime, transforming mere shelter into havens of luxury and refinement.

Formal Dining Rooms: The Elegy of Tradition

Behold, the formal dining room, once the epitome of genteel refinement and conviviality, is now relegated to the annals of antiquity. In an era defined by fluidity and flexibility, builders eschew the rigid formalism of yesteryear in favour of spaces that adapt to the ever-evolving rhythms of modern life.

 Whether it be a casual dining nook nestled within the heart of the home or a multifunctional space that seamlessly transitions from work to play, today’s homes celebrate versatility as the ultimate hallmark of contemporary living.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting: The Soft Underbelly of Comfort

Once hailed as the epitome of comfort and luxury, wall-to-wall carpeting now finds itself relegated to the annals of design history. Builders, attuned to the shifting sands of taste and preference, have cast aside this relic of a bygone era in favour of flooring options that marry form with function. From the timeless elegance of hardwood to the rugged resilience of luxury vinyl, today’s homeowners demand flooring solutions that not only captivate the eye but also stand the test of time.

Matching Furniture Sets: The Symmetry of Sameness

Gone are the days when matching furniture sets reigned supreme, casting a monotonous pall over living spaces devoid of personality and flair. In a world where individuality reigns supreme, builders now champion the eclectic mix-and-match approach, curating spaces that reflect the diverse tastes and interests of their inhabitants. From vintage finds imbued with history to modern pieces infused with innovation, today’s homes celebrate the beauty of diversity and eclecticism.

Oversized Bathtubs: The Soaking Sanctuary Reimagined

Once the epitome of luxury and relaxation, oversized bathtubs now languish in the shadows of obsolescence, casualties of a shifting cultural landscape. Builders, cognizant of the finite nature of space and resources, now eschew the extravagance of giant tubs in favour of more space-efficient alternatives. 

From sleek walk-in showers that maximise square footage to Japanese-inspired soaking tubs that evoke a sense of Zen-like serenity, today’s bathrooms embrace efficiency without sacrificing indulgence.

Formal Living Rooms: The Relic of Social Formality

The formal living room, once the sanctum sanctorum of social gatherings and soirées, now stands as a relic of a bygone era, its grandeur fading in the face of changing social mores. Builders, recognising the need for spaces that cater to modern lifestyles, have reimagined the living room as a multifunctional hub of activity. Whether it be a cozy reading nook or a media room outfitted with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, today’s living spaces celebrate versatility and adaptability as the hallmarks of contemporary living.


As the sands of time continue to shift and evolve, the landscape of home design undergoes a perpetual metamorphosis, with trends rising and falling like the tides of the ocean. In bidding adieu to the trends that faded into obscurity in 2023, builders herald a new era of innovation and creativity, crafting homes that not only reflect the needs and aspirations of their inhabitants but also inspire awe and admiration for generations to come.


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