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Promote Your YouTube Channel: 10 Tips for Small Creators



With growing competition, it’s pretty hectic for small creators to promote their YouTube channel on the platform. But there’s a thing: you don’t need to be the best at first in doing what you are doing. As a beginner, you must focus on the basic yet significant things to settle your channel among the audience. This blog will explain the 10 best tips and tricks to promote your channel from scratch. 

Top Ways To Promote A Small YouTube Channel

Promotion is the ultimate way to increase your channel’s visibility. You can generate maximum viewership and subscriber base by effectively advertising your videos. Here is the list of the top 10 best promotional tips and tricks to grow your channel. 

1. Write A Good Description

A channel description helps viewers understand more about you and your channel. If the description is elaborate, it entices your target audience to subscribe to your channel. This is the basic yet best way to promote YouTube channel

2. Compelling Thumbnail 

Compelling thumbnails is the most important trick to get clicks on your video and increase the views. The more intriguing they are, the more people want to click. Use images related to your video to create a compelling thumbnail.

3. Interesting Video Title

The best video title is usually created out of fear, excitement, and curiosity. Understand your audience’s emotions and write a video title they cannot resist. Write an interesting fact to your title can also get you clicks. 

4. Use The Right keywords 

If you want your videos to reach your audience, using the right keywords is significant. It helps your video rank higher on the results page whenever a related keyword is searched. 

5. Add Hashtags 

Using hashtags is the other way to increase your online presence. Since you have a small YouTube channel, target low-volume hashtags that are also easy to rank. It helps in bringing your video to the result page using trendy hashtags. 

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6. Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion is a way to advertise your multiple videos together. The perfect example of cross-promotion is YouTube cards and an end screen, which lets you showcase multiple videos simultaneously. Creators usually use it to direct viewers to the next video or relatable video hassle-free. 

7. Make A YouTube Playlist 

YouTubers turn a blind eye when it comes to creating a YouTube playlist, not knowing how it can help them boost their subscriber base. Viewers like easy access to the videos they are interested in. Creating a playlist makes your channel user-friendly for visitors and increases the conversion rate. 

8. Collaborate With Creators

Collaborating with creators lets you reach people who have never watched your videos. Whether you collaborate with a small YouTuber or a big one, it will help you get inspiration to create unique videos. Collaborating with people in your niche is advised to bring the maximum outcome.  

9. Promote Videos On Social Media  

Social media platforms allow your videos to reach different audiences. It helps you know what content they like to watch and what not. Once you know that, you can create content that keeps the interest of your audience. 

10. Hire A Service Provider

As a creator, you would have always promoted your videos on other social media platforms, and that is another way to promote your videos. However, you need to do something additional to get sufficient viewership, like hiring a promotion service provider. It helps you advertise your videos using Google Ads and buy viewers on YouTube


Now that you know how to promote videos on YouTube using different strategies, use them all, and don’t be afraid to get your hands on other promotional techniques.

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