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Sydney Bathroom Renovation Pricing: Understanding Costs And Customization



Since every area in your place is essential, paying attention to the bathroom is crucial, too. Bathroom renovation is essential when it seems outdated or doesn’t match the design of any space. Once you plan to renovate your bathroom, you must consider its pricing and every customization detail.

Your top priority must be an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, yet you must also pay close attention to elements, including fixtures, lighting, fittings, flooring, etc. Barr Built, Sydney’s leading service provider, helps people renovate small, medium, large, or luxury bathrooms with many customization options and cost-effective Sydney Bathroom Renovation Pricing to create a completely functional, well-designed bathroom.

Pricing For Bathroom Renovation

Although bathroom renovation costs differ depending on your bathroom area, the budget you planned, or the style and design of elements, you may check the average price listed here.

  • Small Bathroom Renovation

A small bathroom renovation costs between 5,000 USD and 15,000 USD for four square meter spaces. The price may range between 10,000 USD and 25,000 USD if the space is six square meters. You can choose the cost-effective elements and standard fixtures to renovate the bathroom per your budget. shower bar

  • Medium Bathroom Renovation

The average cost of a medium-sized bathroom renovation ranges between 20,000 USD and 35,000 USD. Yet it greatly depends on the space you have and the budget you consider. You can pick average elements, fittings, and fixtures to renovate your medium-sized bathroom.

  • Large Or Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Large or luxury bathroom renovation includes high-end fixtures, tiles, and other elements based on your preference. The cost of a luxurious renovation starts from 30,000 USD and can be up to the price you want to invest in the required elements.

Customization Options In Sydney Bathrooms

  • Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom is another crucial element since its style sets the mood and functionality when you start your day. A well-lit bathroom with the proper lighting makes the space appear more elegant, pleasing, and appealing. 

You can pick eco-friendly light options or functional lighting, decorative lighting fixtures, ambient lighting for soft glow, or task lighting for mirrors, vanity focus, or shower spaces. These fixtures will boost the ambience and appearance of your bathroom when you consider renovation. 

  • Tiles

You must explore different tile varieties to pick the best style and finish. The choice is often based on the lifestyle and preferences. Every tile style provides a different feel and experience for your bathroom renovation. Large formatted tiles often add luxury to a space, while the textured ones may provide you with a contemporary, warm, and inviting feeling. Some tile styles may have embossed features, while others may have satin or smooth finish.

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You can pick the style or patterns from terrazzo, porcelain, mosaic, and many other varieties. The tile you pick for your floor and walls must be eye-catching since every detail during a bathroom renovation is crucial to consider.

  • Paint

Colours speak about the people staying in the residence. Paint choice is crucial when considering bathroom renovation since it is the first element that speaks when you enter the space. A few options for bathroom renovation are suggested here to help you pick the one that expresses you the best.

Dark beige is associated with opulence, luxury, and freshness; light blue and light green express calmness; peach and lavender express elegance; deep navy is best for people looking for a darker spectrum; yellow has an enticing tone and is earthy.

Some suggested ones are calming hues, while others depict opulence, luxury, style, and freshness.

  • Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are wired of plumbed elements, including toilets and bathtubs that you may not freely or easily move. Therefore, these fixtures may be paid close attention to. A bathtub may add luxury to your bathroom space, so consider its style as per the space you have in the bathroom. Besides, the toilet, sink, shower, taps, wall cabinets, mirror, and other bathroom accessories make the space refreshing and ambient.


Every element you pick should align best with the bathroom area, so consider the space in the bathroom when considering a bathroom renovation. You can best plan for your space when you know the importance of each element and how it will boost the appearance of your space.


Bathroom renovation is crucial when replacing old elements, such as when fittings, fixtures, paint, tiles, or other elements are worn out. Renovating your bathroom space can give your space a fresh and pleasing look. Although renovating it is a thrilling experience, there are challenges in picking the suitable elements and price of renovating your bathroom space.

You can review and consider the price range made available in this guide and the design elements suggested by Barr Built to make your renovation process more accessible and more convenient and your bathroom space glow up.



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