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The extraordinary Bill Voce



Bill Voce was an extraordinary cricketer who left an indelible mark on the sport during his career in the 1930s and 1940s. The website is the prime platform to wager on cricket, and you can visit this website today.

Born on August 8, 1909, in Annesley, England, Voce was a left-arm fast-medium bowler who played a pivotal role in England’s success during the infamous “Bodyline” series against Australia in 1932-33. Whenever Australia and England play a series between each other, make sure to visit 1xBet to place great wagers on them.

Voce’s bowling style was unique for his time. This was because he had things like:

  • exceptional pace;
  • being very skilled in getting bounce from the ball;
  • and also giving it unusual movements after interacting with the pitch.

His distinctive skillset made him a potent force in the world of cricket. However, it was during the Bodyline series that Voce truly showcased his extraordinary abilities.

A controversial series

The Bodyline series was a contentious and highly competitive contest between England and Australia. You can always bet on football and win on on the football squads of those 2 teams as well.

In an effort to curb the dominance of the Australian batsman Sir Donald Bradman, England captain Douglas Jardine employed a controversial tactic. It involved bowlers aiming at the batsmen’s bodies, particularly the head. Voce was a key component of this strategy, and his precision in executing it was remarkable. You can bet on football matches and win on the 1xBet website, and if you like cricket, this website will be great for you as well. His ability to generate steep bounce and send deliveries hurtling towards the batsmen made him a fearsome opponent.

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Voce’s contribution to the Bodyline series was pivotal. He took 14 wickets in the series, playing a crucial role in England’s 4-1 victory. His aggressive and relentless bowling played a significant part in subduing Bradman, who had previously been invincible.

Besides these series

Beyond the Bodyline series, Bill Voce had a successful international career. Sign up to 1xBet – place bet cricket on other great players of this sport.

He played 27 Test matches for England and took 98 wickets at an impressive average of 27.88. His partnership with fellow fast bowler Harold Larwood was a formidable one, and together they formed one of the most feared fast bowling duos in cricket history. When other deadly duos are on the pitch, make sure to place a cricket bet on them at the 1xBet platform.

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