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The great Sanath Jayasuriya



Sanath Jayasuriya, also known as the “Matara Mauler”, is a true cricket legend, famous for turning the game on its head with his explosive batting. At this moment is a bet company, and here you can wager on other great cricket legends too.

Born on June 30, 1969, in Matara, Sri Lanka, he wasn’t just any cricketer; he was a game-changer, especially in the one-day format.

Back in the 1990s, when cricket was more about playing it safe in the initial overs, Jayasuriya came in like a whirlwind. The 1xBet company is a betting platform that you can use to wager on the modern and exciting variations of the game.

An unconventional approach for his era

Imagine the following situation: it is the 1996 Cricket World Cup, and while everyone else is cautiously nudging the ball around. Here, Jayasuriya decides to smash it to all parts of the ground right from the get-go. You can get 1xBet download and play by wagering on other great cricket competitions.

Teaming up with Romesh Kaluwitharana, he redefined the role of an opener in limited-overs cricket. Their idea was to attack from the 1st ball, making full use of the fielding restrictions. This bold move didn’t just help Sri Lanka clinch the World Cup; it changed the way teams approached the opening overs in ODIs. When downloading and playing the 1xBet application, you will also find chances to wager on ODI matches too.

A smart player to have in any team

Jayasuriya wasn’t just about brute force. Instead, he was smart. He had this incredible ability to dance down the track to fast bowlers and cut and pull with such ferocity that it left fielding teams scrambling. His record speaks a lot. Punters can bet on cricket now with 1xBet on other record-breaking players too.

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Let’s examine some of his numbers so we can understand his impact on the game:

  • he got more than 13 thousand runs in ODI matches;
  • he scored more than 6 thousand runs in Test matches.
  • also, as an active player, he held the record for the fastest 50 in ODIs.

And if that wasn’t enough, he was the first player to score over 150 in a World Cup match. Speaking about the World Cup, you can bet now with 1xBet on cricket matches of this and other major competitions too.

But Jayasuriya wasn’t a one-trick pony. He was a pretty handy bowler too, with his left-arm spin fetching him over 300 ODI wickets. There were times when he’d break partnerships and tighten matches, proving to be a true all-rounder. 

Beyond the numbers and the records, what Jayasuriya really did was inspire a generation. He showed that cricket wasn’t just about playing by the book; it was about making your own rules. His fearless approach injected excitement into the game and inspired players around the world to step up and play aggressively.

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