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The Summary of PMP Exam Prep



My goal of taking PMP exam was to get 5A. Though the final result was not 5A, I passed the exam successfully. Here, I would like to share my experience with you.

I think most of you learn the content of PMP certification after a day’s busy working. Indeed, working lowers the learning efficiency. In the first month of learning PMP, I worked in weekdays and took classes in weekends. I could not have a rest for half a month. To make sure that you can learn the course well, there are several tips that may be helpful.

  1. Keep a good body condition. A health body is the base for learning. Try to spare some time to work out every day to keep your body in the best condition. For example, you can spend some time exercising in the morning or riding bicycles to work. Doing sports can also improve your memory.
  2. Read books. Read books everyday so that you can review the knowledge of PMI PMP certification constantly. Because of the limited time, how to learn is extremely important.
  1. Go through PMBOK and mark out the key points.
  2. The knowledge of each chapter consists of three processes: input, tools and techniques and output. You can conclude the positions of each knowledge point and draw a mind map to enhance memory. The last thing is to remember the chart of 49 processes. Just like you are doing math problems, you need to remember the formula and other concepts, and then determine which knowledge points are tested after the problem in order to use the corresponding formula to solve the problem. The knowledge of each chapter is like the formula in mathematics.
  1. SPOTO, the PMP certification training institution has many useful learning materials for candidates comprising the hard work of teachers and essence of PMBOK. Apart from learning PMBOK, these materials are also worth reading. You can write down the knowledge you do not understand and consult it with teachers.
  2. Review the lecture notes sent by teachers, which is a collection of content that the teacher will talk about in class. Mark out the knowledge you do not understand and carry questions to listen to classes so that you can learn more effectively. It is suggested to attend every class and participate in discussion actively. You will feel very rewarding.
  3. It is important to do the regular questions and PMP exam sample tests assigned by teachers. Summarize the questions you do wrong and look back at the knowledge that you do not understand. If you can clearly know about what the questions are testing, you have mastered the knowledge.
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If you can follow the above steps, you are very likely to pass the exam successfully and obtain 5A result. If you are looking for a good training institution, SPOTO is a wonderful choice which provided complete resources and materials. At last, I hope all of you can pass the PMI PMP exam.

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