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Three Steps to Win Your Mornings



We all have heard the rule for a productive and creative day is to win your mornings. The question is how you can win your mornings in a way that you can seize the day instead of letting the day seize you. It all comes down to a few simple morning strategies that we have listed below.

Drink Coffee

Not all mornings are happy mornings where we rise and shine. Most mornings are slow, and we cannot help but feel grouchy. But – the number one solution to all morning problems is a nice cup of coffee.

If you are a driver in Texas, you should never skip your morning for mental alertness. If you get into an accident, get in touch with the Texas trucking accident law firm to get legal help. Another benefit of drinking coffee is linked with longevity. Coffee can help prevent or control a few diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. However, the key is to take coffee in smaller doses. Also, you will want to consume black coffee if you want to live longer. 

Apart from your heart, your liver will be thankful, too, as coffee has a protective impact on the coffee. You shouldn’t be worrying about consuming regular or decaf coffee because as long as you take coffee in moderate amounts, you will be good for life, and you are also less likely to suffer from restlessness. 

Set a Morning Routine

Set a morning routine that doesn’t include your phone. You can catch up on the news feed later when you are having breakfast later in the morning. 

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For instance, if you have a terrace or a backyard – you are lucky. Get out of your bed, get hold of your notebook and pen. Pour yourself a glass of water and take all these things to the terrace or backyard. You can sit next to the window and start your day by writing at least lines about the things that you are grateful for. Make sure to empty the glass of water while you write and meditate.

The morning is also the perfect time to do some stretches and have a short workout session. Now comes the most important step of your morning routine: take a shower and get dressed for the morning. Yes – you read this right. You will want to take a shower every day as you will feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Create a To-Do List

To seize your day, you will want to set the intentions for every new day the night before. So, you will want to jot down the tasks for the next day, the night before you call it a day. To-do lists are useful – you can create them on your notepad or your phone as well. In fact, you have loads of options as there are countless apps available that allow users to track their important tasks for the day. 

Don’t forget to tick off the completed tasks and celebrate your little milestones. 


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