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Top 5 Most Inspiring CEOs You Can Follow in 2024



Any company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is expected to take care of the executive branch of the business and bring about the right changes to deliver the projects/products/services on time. The brand image of the company entirely depends on the CEO of a company, and he/she takes a butt load of decisions every day that form the very basis of a business. Let’s check out the top 5 most inspiring CEOs that any individual would want to follow in 2024 this year.

  1. Ashish Bhutani, CEO of the Bhutani Group

Ashish has cultivated a culture of innovation in the Bhutani Group, leading to the recent improvement in the company’s overall growth and development. He has become an inspiration for the people in the company and the ones who have been following the leader. His vision has further increased the confidence of the shareholders in the organization. Under his leadership, the company has constructed the biggest infinity pool on the rooftop of the First Mall in Sky project. 

  1. Sharad Aggarwal, CEO of Godrej Philips India Ltd. 

Sharad Aggarwal is the CEO and the Director of the Godrej Phillips India group and is completely devoted to the company’s future growth. His business practices have led the company to achieve growth even further each year. The sustainability of the company has been the focus of his leadership style. Under his leadership, the company has been termed as one of the best workplaces for employees in India. He is known to take consistent feedback from his employees as well. 

  1. Namrata Sandhu, CEO of Vaayu Tech
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Namrata is the CEO and co-founder of Vaayu. The whole idea behind the establishment of the company is to reduce the carbon footprint through the use of the latest technological advancements. Under her leadership, the company has expanded to different countries and has given recommendations to companies on the best practices that can be adopted to reduce environmental impact. 

  1. Behram Khodaiji, CEO of Ruby Hall Clinic

Behram has become the inspiration of individuals in the healthcare sector. He has managed to launch a number of clinics and healthcare centers that cater to the leading health problems that disturb society and his community. He has received a number of rewards for his contributions to healthcare and is giving higher healthcare accessibility to individuals and patients across India. 

  1. Nilesh Mazumdar, CEO of Sleepwell

Almost every individual is aware of the brand name Sleepwell today. Nilesh has about three decades of experience in the industry and has consistently guided the organization in delivering the best-in-class services. He has built a brand image for the company in the market and has worked hard. Nilesh has had a successful career, delivering roles in companies like Asian Paints, Onida, Pidilite, etc. He understands consumers in the country and works to drive the company towards success. He is a visionary, and many people follow in his footsteps today. 

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