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Top 8 Tips for Roadtrip in the UAE



Even though the UAE has an amazing infrastructure with well-built roads, driving during traffic or rush hours can be quite a task. However, other than that, driving in the UAE can be a memorable experience if you are planning a road trip. Going for a road trip with friends or family could be an excellent idea to unwind. If you haven’t fully explored UAE, you can do so and see the sparkling beaches, stunning golden deserts, and the mountains in the surroundings.

So, pack up, get your car ready, don’t forget to get a reliable tyres shop in UAEand prepare for your road trip. We have compiled a list of some of the top road trip tips for you:

Plan Your Trip

First of all, plan your itinerary. Decide which spots you would like to see and then plan your route. Plan the sites you will see and where to stay the night.

Check Your Car

You need to ensure that your car is in good condition and can be taken on a longer route. See that it is in working order. You surely wouldn’t want your car to break down on the road. Get it fully inspected. Fuel up beforehand and check the tyre pressure. It is best to learn to replace a flat tire before hitting the road in case you are unable to get roadside help.

Make a First Aid Kit 

Make sure you make a small first aid kit for yourself as well as your traveling companions. Ensure there is sufficient water and oil for your car. Don’t forget to carry a spare tyre and all the necessary tools to change a tyre.

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See the Weather Forecast

Regardless your trip involves camping or staying outdoors, check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. UAE is known for its heavy fog and severe storms, you surely wouldn’t want to be out on the road in such weather.

Take Spare Key

Don’t forget to take the spare car key with you. If you are driving, give it to somebody else so that you have a backup if you get locked out of your car.

Take Breaks

If you are traveling on a longer route, see that you take regular breaks every few hours and catch up on sleep or rest. Even better? Share driving responsibilities. It is better to have someone who can take over the wheel for a while if you feel tired.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is necessary for road trips. It can cover you if you get into an accident. Travel insurance is equally important if you are in the UAE for your trip or crossing the border to another country.

Get Paper Maps 

It is advised that you don’t rely entirely on GPS as sometimes there are no signals amid a desert. Always keep paper maps on a road trip.

There, we have covered the essentials of the road trip. On a last note, it is best to travel in big spacious cars, such as 4×4 as they can drive on all terrains and accommodate more people and luggage. You can purchase Continental tyres UAE for an ultimate driving experience on all kinds of terrain.

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