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TOP business brokers in Florida



TOP business brokers in Florida

That is when the business brokers come into the frame. Business broker – is a person or a firm that typically arranges the process of the selling and helps along the way with any problems or details that may come up. The list of all the responsibilities may be different for each individual business and each individual sale, but basic set is similar in every case:

  • The help in the process of evaluating your business. It may be difficult for a person who built it from the start and count in all the countless hours and sacrifices made for the business.
  • Preparation of the presentation of the business for the potential buyers and investors. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to understand what would interest a specific buyer or investment company.
  • The process of communicating with the buyer and arrangement of possible meetings with the owner is also executed by the broker.
  • Evaluating the proposal of the buyer and arranging all the legal paperwork in case of the successful deal.

As you can understand if you are looking for this sort of help you should look for a business broker in Florida, because it takes a local businessman to appreciate all the upsides of the business in Florida. One more thing – if you want to sell locally you would need someone with the list of potential buyers and investment funds that may be interested in such a proposal.

As a beginning you may look for some local advisors that would be interested in selling your business. Because the whole process may take up to a year it would be wise to find someone close in order to keep in touch and would be able to meet and check the business personally if needed. That is why we gathered the list of best business brokers on Website Closers where you may find your local professional with a Florida business broker license or someone you would like to take care of the work of your life.

Ron Mathenson

With the experience of success in retail business decided to take a little vacation for several years in 2002. After three years decided to get back in the business and attempted to buy several businesses but couldn’t find a qualified broker who would have his interest in mind and with this knowledge and understanding both sides as a business owner and someone who would like to buy a working business become a business broker. Since that time has been at the top of his field and even was presented with several awards for his professional accomplishments. If you are looking for a professional business broker of south Florida who could help you with your internet business – look no further, because Ron Mathenson is the one professional you need.

best business brokers in Florida

Alex Mylonas

With rich experience in selling businesses as well as managing them Alex managed to finalize more than 70 deals in different fields and industries throughout his career as one of the most successful Florida business brokers. With his hard-learned lessons he is able to evaluate any kind of business and prepare a personalized proposal for any kind of potential buyer. He would carefully develop a strategy of the future sale and make sure to reach the goals of the current and future business owners, and with the help and thoughtful advice the deal would satisfy every party involved.

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business brokers who are in Florida

Brian Tumpane

Brian has been an entrepreneur for more than twenty years and with his experience in executive field and advisory business has been part of the several multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions but also likes to help comparatively small business owners to reach their goals and make their dream come true. There are no two similar cases and with personal approach Brian was able to help several dozens of business owners and investment companies.

Carson Bomar

Carson has founded a management business that used to help physicians and since that time always was self-employed. When the time came he sold his business and found out the whole service industry of brokers and became a business broker in Tampa himself. With his unique experience of communicating with the broker from a standpoint of the business owner he knows how to make the whole process as comfortable and profitable as possible.

Leo Decker

In his long career Leo managed to build several successful businesses in several fields and used to help other businesses in developing growth strategies that turned out to be very useful. Later he became an investment advisor and with help of this knowledge and deep understanding of the economic processes he became a very skillful business broker.

T: 484-553-0371

Digital Market Group Adams/Freedman

The Digital Market group is a brokerage firm that provides services of evaluation and transaction support for several different internet-based markets. With a team of leaders in their respective fields with unique experience of creating, running, developing and exiting different digital-oriented companies – Digital Market group is a great option for your online business.

Bill Gustin

Bill began his career in the investment bank and after several successful years decided to create a business of his own. After selling it to a big corporation he understood the importance of high quality advice during this difficult process.

Tom Howard

Tom helps online-business owners to prepare the sale and receive maximum profit and with his history of over 250 million dollars in closed transactions he may help your business as well.

David Lylis

From the beginning of his professional life as a small business owner he made his way up to the Director of one of the Fortune 500 companies. And decided to help business owners to get the best offer for their hard work as a business broker.

Lassiter Mason

Lassiter has more than thirty years of experience in financial roles in different companies and knows how to improve and sell your business with a great profit. And with his insightful advice, as one of the most experienced business brokers in Florida, you would be prepared for every possible problem even before it happens.

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