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Understanding Live Football Odds and How to Analyze Odds at Gemwin



Live football odds are a familiar concept in the world of football betting, especially at reputable bookmakers like To gain a better understanding of this concept and how to accurately analyze odds, let’s explore the useful information below.

Football Odds – Predicting Before the Match

Football odds involve predicting the outcome of a football match before the official kickoff. Bookmakers provide odds, indicating the likelihood of each team winning or losing and the corresponding payout for each result. This information helps players make betting decisions based on these odds.

Football Odds – Predicting Before the Match

Common Types of Football Odds

There are several common types of football odds that you can consider:

Exact Score Odds: Predicting the exact score of a match, offering significant rewards for accurate predictions.

In the world of betting, Exact Score Odds require precise prediction skills as you attempt to guess the exact score of the match. Although challenging, accurate predictions can result in substantial and worthwhile rewards.

Total Goals Odds: Predicting the number of goals in a match, including both the first half and the total number of goals.

To add excitement to the betting experience, Total Goals Odds allow you to predict not only the total number of goals in the match but also specific aspects such as goals in the first half, the overall total, and various other dimensions. This type of odds creates thrilling scenarios and diverse winning opportunities.

Corner Kick Odds: Predicting the number of corner kicks in a match.

In the world of betting, Corner Kick Odds involve predicting the number of times a team will execute corner kicks during a match. This aspect adds an interesting element to the betting process, keeping players engaged in watching the thrilling situations on the field.

Player Goal Scorer Odds: Predicting the player who will score goals in the match.

Explore another fascinating aspect of football betting with Player Goal Scorer Odds. This involves predicting which player in the match will score goals. This type of odds adds excitement and closely monitors each attacking opportunity of favorite players.

Clean Sheet Odds: Predicting the winning team without conceding any goals.

In the field of football betting, Clean Sheet Odds involve predicting which team will win without conceding any goals from the opponent. This requires defensive stability and often provides attractive rewards for matches with fewer goals.

Offside Odds: Predicting the total number of offside occurrences in a match.

Offside Odds allow you to predict the total number of offside situations that may arise in a football match. Offside is an essential rule in the game, and predicting the frequency of offside occurrences can add an interesting dimension to both monitoring and betting.

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How to Analyze Football Odds Accurately

To accurately analyze football odds, you need to:

Gather Information: Learn about team line-ups, recent form, playing conditions, head-to-head history, etc.

How to Analyze Football Odds Accurately

Analyze Winning and Losing Possibilities: Evaluate the winning and losing probabilities of the teams based on the collected information.

Check Odds: Examine the odds provided by bookmakers based on their analysis.

Make Betting Decisions: Based on the information and odds, make informed betting decisions.

Maintain Psychological Stability: Keep a calm mindset and do not let emotions dictate your betting decisions.

Live Football Odds Table with Changes

The live football odds table at Gemwin is designed to be simple and easy to understand. The columns contain information about the match time, participating teams, Handicap odds, Over/Under odds, Asian odds, etc. This helps you grasp the information before placing your bets.

Live Football Odds Table with Changes

Bookmaker’s Odds Analysis Process

Bookmakers like Gemwin follow a specific odds analysis process:

  • Information Gathering: Experts collect information about factors related to the teams participating in the match.
  • Analysis and Evaluation: Experts analyze the winning and losing possibilities of the teams based on the gathered information.
  • Setting Odds: Based on the analysis, bookmakers set balanced and attractive odds for players.
  • Releasing Odds Table: Bookmakers release the odds table 5-7 days before the match to provide players with time to analyze.

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Success Strategies in Football Betting

To avoid risks and optimize the betting experience, you need to:

  • Read Odds Correctly: Master the skill of reading and understanding various odds such as Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and Live Betting.
  • Utilize Knowledge: Use information and knowledge when placing bets instead of relying solely on luck.
  • Stay Calm in Defeat: Maintain a calm mindset in case of losses to avoid losing control.


Analyzing live football odds and participating in betting at requires knowledge and discipline. Mastering the ability to read odds, gathering information, and maintaining a calm mindset will help you maximize opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks. Do not hesitate to seek additional knowledge if you still have questions! The Gemwin team is ready to assist you.

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