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What are the NBA All-Star Games?



The NBA All-Star Games are those incredible matches where the best of the best from the NBA gather and play a spectacular match. The 1xBet site for online sports betting is certainly available for wagering on this match too, whenever it takes place.

This tradition kicked off way back in 1951. It’s the showpiece of the NBA All-Star Weekend, which is this massive, fun bash full of basketball shenanigans. The All-Star Game itself usually happens on a Sunday in February. For this reason, make sure to visit the 1xBet site for online betting on plenty of sports, including basketball, for wagering on this match too. It’s kind of a time in the middle of the season where players and fans can just enjoy the vibe of the game.

Choosing the players

The players who hit the court for this game are the best of the best. Fans, coaches, and media types all get a say in picking these players. Speaking about coaches, football has a lot of great coaches too, and at you can make live wagers on whatever they do.

It’s part popularity contest, part recognition of mad skills. The top vote-getters in each conference become team captains, and then they pick their squads from the pool of players. It’s pretty neat because you get these dream teams you’d never see in regular games. The 1xBet website also allows you to wager on who is likely to be picked for these games too.

Some changes seen over the years

The format of the game has seen some changes over the years. It used to be East versus West, but all of this has been mixed up recently with the team captain system. The game itself is not your typical basketball match. Whenever this game is held, visit – all basketball live that covers the entire NBA too.

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It’s more about the spectacle, where fans can see a lot of:

  • insane dunks;
  • wild passes;
  • and deep threes.

Defense is kind of an afterthought, at least until the game’s on the line near the end. Now let’s review some numbers, because these games can get pretty wild score-wise. Like in 2021, Team LeBron outdid Team Durant with a whopping 170-150 score. There is all live basketball betting at 1xBet, where you can wager on other high-scoring matches too

In 2020, they paid tribute to Kobe Bryant by playing to a target score in the fourth quarter, which was 24 points more than the leading team’s score after three quarters. That’s Kobe’s number, 24. It brought a whole new thrill to the game.

And talking about legends, there have been some real icons in this game. Michael Jordan was in it 14 times, Kobe Bryant 18 times, and LeBron James has also been quite a regular since 2005. This proves the kind of spectacular show that the NBA puts up for its fans.

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