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What is the future of Game machines?



Slot machines have been around since the very end of the 19th century, and they are incredibly popular even nowadays. Moreover, the market is growing; the demand for slot machines is expected to soar even more in the next couple of years. 

Both the real world and the technological one, are constantly changing and that means, that there certainly will be changes in the future in the way slot machines function. In the last 200 years, we went from machines operated using a lever and gears to online bitcoin slots. It is a huge shift.

Slot machines are still evolving and are being often chosen as an easy and pleasant form of entertainment. So what will their future look like? 

Online slot machines

Even though slot machines emerged in a purely mechanical form, now they are mostly associated with devices with giant video screens, that offer many different sounds and animations, apart from just the most apparent satisfaction. However, nowadays, people do not necessarily like the idea of going anywhere if they do not really need to. In the era when you can find anything you like online and have it delivered in 24 hours, you need to make everything available online.

That is why websites and apps offering gameplay similar to the one offered by the physical machines are becoming more and more popular. They provide a similar experience, without the inconvenience of leaving your house, especially, when VR (virtual reality) technology is being developed as fast as ever, further enhancing the feeling of real gameplay, connected with an almost infinite number of specific games you can choose. 

However, there is one thing that makes physical slot machines irreplaceable – the general experience can not be currently fully replaced by online games, and it probably will never be.

Using AI

When it comes to the greatest things achieved by humans in recent years, one of the most noticeable is AI. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine social media or streaming platforms, we use every day, without AI providing us with the best suggestions tailored to our liking, based on our previous interactions. Same thing with even for searching anything on the internet or while shopping online. AI is becoming a huge part of our lives, and it will probably affect also slot machines.

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Slot machines are a form of entertainment, so people do not want to be bored in any way, and in a world that personalizes everything it may be hard to meet people’s needs without an AI, that enables automatic personalization when it comes to visual effects or gameplay itself. By being able to affect gameplay AI can also make it more entertaining by providing bonuses or special levels, that would make every game truly unique.

Also, after boredom, another thing that makes people quit playing is when the game is too difficult. The best improvement that can possibly be applied to get rid of this problem is, of course, AI. It is a thing that can monitor the gameplay and react at the appropriate moments in order to make it easier and more pleasant for the users. 

Making slot games more convenient 

Today we live more comfortably than ever; people do not necessarily have to leave their homes as much as they used to do, they can buy their food or groceries online and have it delivered, pay their bills online, or watch videos or performances on their couch. When we go outdoors we expect a certain level of convenience while doing something. When it comes to slot games, as a form of entertainment, everything needs to be as comfortable as it physically can. 

That means, that slot games will probably offer more options that would make it easier to play without any worries, an example of that can be a more direct way of saying how the game works, making sure that all the machines have touchscreens, and that players can regulate noise. Making sure games are also easily, customizable on the player’s wish will also be a standard.


Many people use slot games in their day-to-day lives, and often as a quite regular, and easy form of entertainment. This will not change, because slot games will be evolving, to better suit the current and future trends and people’s preferations. The above-mentioned predictions are just it- predictions, and there never is a 100% guarantee they will be completely correct, but they seem like natural changes, that should be made in the next couple of years. The future of slot games will certainly be interesting.

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