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Which Direction of Huawei HCIE Certification Is Popular?



Internet technology updates and iterates very quickly, and the corresponding certification direction of new technology should be a better one. When it comes to which direction of HCIE certification is popular, it is not difficult to find out from Huawei certification system that branches like Storage, Big Data, and Internet of Things in the Cloud field are the important technical directions which follow the trend of the times and will lay out the future.

The emergence of Cloud Computing is an upgrade of the traditional Internet. The first thing to solve is the storage problem caused by the information explosion. Huawei’s Storage certification provides a complete set of solutions for data storage, protection and migration. At the same time, Cloud Computing also proposed an overall solution for cloud computing planning, deployment, management and optimization. When the information storage and network architecture are optimized one after another, big data comes immediately. Big data has just been popularized and developed rapidly in recent years, becoming the focus of all major venture capital investors. Big Data Developer certification has received extensive attention from enterprise technicians. At the same time, those who can manage big data scientifically are generally highly valued by enterprises because they have obtained the certification of Huawei Data Center. Subsequently, the application of big data gave birth to the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the development of society, Huawei certification has been more and famous among people. It is not difficult to find out from Huawei’s certification system that Storage, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), AI, 5G and other branches in the IT field are just Huawei’s important technical directions and will have great impact on the future industry layout.

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Which direction of Huawei certification should you choose? If you are still hesitating and worrying about which direction of Huawei’s technology to learn, you can select any direction involving the new technology mentioned above. Learn new technology rather than old technology. Only by mastering cutting-edge technology can you improve your competitiveness in the workplace.

By preparing for the Huawei certification exam, you can greatly improve his professional abilities. You can learn the required knowledge and skills by yourselves or find a reliable training institution to receive professional training. SPOTO is a professional training institution with good reputation. It can provide students with high-quality training courses and help them learn the content of the exam systematically. If you choose SPOTO and stick to following its courses, you will get twice the result with half the effort. After you pass the exam, you will get the corresponding Huawei certificate.

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