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Willie Falcon Net Worth: How Rich is Drug Kingpin Actually?



Willie Falcon Net Worth

Augusto Guillermo Falcon, better recognized as Willie Falcon is a former Cuban-American drug kingpin. He is best known for operating one of the most significant cocaine trafficking organizations in the history of South Florida. Willie is one of the members of the infamous Cocaine Cowboys of Miami, which consists of his brother, Gustavo, and long-time friend, Sal Magluta. Willie Falcon net worth at the moment is under review.

Full Name Augusto Guillermo Falcon
Date of Birth September 1, 1955
Place of Birth Cuba
Occupation Former Drug dealer
Wife Alina Rossique
Net Worth Under Review

Early life

Willie Falcon was born Augusto Guillermo Falcon on September 1, 1955, in Cuba. He has a brother named Gustavo Falcon. Willie studied at a local private school in Cuba. Following that, he joined the Miami Senior High School. However, he left high school along with his best friend, Sal Magluta to earn money.

Willie Falcon Net Worth & Career

Willie was involved in drug dealing after leaving school. At first, he began dealing in marijuana, and after getting some experience, he started dealing in cocaine alongside his best friend, Sal Magluta. The two young dealers operated a drug dealing business in almost all parts of Southern Florida. Falcon was responsible to meet the client in person and crack a lucrative deal.

Falcon and his partner in crime, Sal Magluta purchased drugs directly from the Medellin cartel, and later they supplied them to other parts of the United States. During the 1970s to 1980s, they were successful to establish the largest Cocaine business. Willie was sentenced to prison first time in 1979 for minor drug dealing. At that time, he received imprisonment of 14 months and stayed under observation for five years.

Falcon and his partner, Sal Magluta were arrested multiple times, but somehow they were managed to escape from the officials. In 1991, Falcon and Maglula were arrested when they were about to execute their dealing of 75 tons of cocaine worth around $2.1 billion. Even though they were presented in court, they did not plead guilty due to the lack of strong evidence.

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In the year 1997, Falcon was convicted for possessing a firearm illegally. After the 1996 trial, the U. S. Attorney’s office was ordered to conduct an investigation into Falcon and Magluta’s finances which in the end revealed that the jury members including the jury foreman were involved with them as they received a bribe from Falcon and Malguta.

Falcon pleaded guilty to a single count of money laundering in 2003. His imprisonment was reduced to 14 years after he appealed to the government. In 2017, he got bail and was released from prison. However, even after getting bail, he was taken to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. Later, Justice Department spokesman, Steven Stafford confirmed that they have deported Falcon to the Dominic Republic.

Willie and his partner in crime, Sal Magluta have recently been highlighted on the 2021 Netflix documentary series “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami”. The documentary series was directed and produced by Billy Corben and was released on August 4, 2021. Likewise, on December 2, 2021, an audio clip of Falcon was released along with Rick Ross’ song “Little Havana”, where he claimed that he has helped to build Miami into the city. After the release of the song, he expressed appreciation to Rick Ross for keeping his name in his music.

Personal Life

Willie Falcon was married to his longtime girlfriend, Alina Rossique. His wife, Alina was shot multiple times on her face at her Coral Gables beauty parlor. Alina was 33 years old when she was killed on the spot. He has three kids from his marriage life named Jessica, Aileen Martinez, and William.

Willie Falcon Net Worth

Willie Falcon’s net worth at the moment is under review. At one point, Falcon and his team managed to gather a colossal number of $2.1 billion in drug sales. It’s still unclear how much he got during that time.

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