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WoW Dragonflight: Murozond’s Rise Boss Guide



Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the Murozond’s Rise dungeon in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion. Let us share with you the key tips for defeating dungeon bosses and strategies to ensure your successful instance completion. If you want to further simplify the task of finishing this new M+ dungeon, there is an excellent mythic plus boost service. Hire professionals to do the tough work in the game for you. So, gather your team and get ready to embark on an epic adventure in the latest World of Warcraft expansion.

#1 — Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper, is a titan-forged keeper who once held the title of the mightiest among the watchers. He met his demise while battling against the corruption of Keeper Loken; yet his spirit persists within the dungeon, casting a haunting presence. When facing this boss, it’s crucial to absorb the incoming Dividing Strike and avoid the subsequent Consecrated Ground pool. Failing to hit at least two players with this ability will give the boss Titanic Empowerment. Be sure to dodge the frontal cone of Infinite Annihilation and the resulting Consecrated Ground. Additionally, make an effort to collect as many Temporal Essences as possible during the Siphon Oathstone channel cast.

  • DPS — Focus on maximizing your Stolen Time stacks while also prioritizing the destruction of the Radiant Barrier shield.
  • Tank — Exercise caution with Titanic Blow, as it not only inflicts significant damage but can also knock you off the platform if you’re too close. Steer clear of the subsequent lingering pool of Consecrated Ground.
  • Healer — Swiftly dispel one of the Spark of Tyr debuffs while providing spot-healing for the other. Note that any form of dispelling can remove it. So if you have a Mass Dispel, seek assistance. Keep in mind that once you dispel the debuff, there will be group-wide splash damage. 

Note: DPS, acquiring each Temporal Essence grants you a stack of Stolen Time, with a maximum limit of 5 stacks. Healers should make sure to utilize their healing cooldowns specifically when the Radiant Barrier shield is active.

#2 — Morchie

Morchie is a villain and a member of the Infinite Dragonflight, specializing in time manipulation. In the game, she appears as a boss and presents a formidable challenge by summoning alternate versions of herself. To defeat this boss, players should steer clear of the frontal attack, Sand Blast. During the transition phase labeled More Problems!, swiftly identify the correct version of Morchie and avoid standing directly in front of her. This strategy helps evade the Dragon’s Breath and prevents the acquisition of the Sand Buffeted debuff. 

Be cautious not to be hit by the ground-placed Time Traps as triggering one initiates subsequent effects — Time Stasis and Temporal Backlash. When Morchie initiates Familiar Faces, lead the fixates through Time Traps to temporarily suspend them until Morchie releases them.

  • DPS — Optimize your damage output by positioning yourself close to Time Traps when the boss casts Familiar Faces.
  • Tank — Assist your partners in identifying the original version of Morchie during the More Problems! transition.
  • Healer — If any of your teammates get caught in Time Traps, promptly dispel the Time Stasis and heal the remaining party members after the Temporal Backlash explosion.
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Note: When Morchie initiates Familiar Faces, lead the fixates through Time Traps to temporarily suspend them until Morchie releases them.

#3 — Time-Lost Battlefield

The next boss encounter in the Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise dungeon is the Time-Lost Battlefield. The encounter has slightly different variations depending on whether you’re playing as Horde or Alliance. For Horde players, you’ll be up against Grommash Hellscream and his three allies — Horde Warlock, Horde Axe Thrower, and Horde Grunt. On the other hand, for Alliance players, there will be Anduin Lothar and his three allies —- Alliance Conjuror, Alliance Archer, and Alliance Footman. Players need to steer clear of being hit by Bladestorm and skillfully dodge the incoming Shockwave.

  • DPS — Strive for efficient cleaving by targeting not only the boss but also Horde Warlock and Horde Axe Thrower. Always prioritize the Horde Axe Thrower first, as he can inflict a troublesome Bleed effect — Serrated Axe.
  • Tank — Employ your active mitigation when the Decapitate cast is initiated.
  • Healer — You have the option to dispel the Horde Warlock’s Immolate OR the Alliance Conjuror’s Fireball. Be prepared to heal your teammates promptly during the War Cry cast.

Note: When the boss will gather its three fallen comrades upon casting FOR THE ALLIANCE! or FOR THE HORDE!, depending on your faction, concentrate your attacks on the main boss while also dealing damage to the additional enemies through cleaving. 

#4 — Chrono-Lord Deios

Chrono-Lord Deios is the final boss in Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise; the encounter features two phases. In Stage 1, players are Infinite, face Infinite Keepers, and drop the boss below 20%. Upon casting Infinity Orb, designate someone to soak a ground puddle to stagger the second explosion — Infinity Nova. When Summon Infinite Keeper begins, swap and focus on each Keeper, dispelling their Infinite Blast & Chronal Burn, triggering Collapsing Time Rift upon death, and damaging Chrono-Lord Deios. 

In Stage 2, Lord of the Infinite, avoid ground puddles from Infinite Corruption, leaving Temporal Scar lingering ichors to steer clear of.

  • DPS — Prioritize targeting each incoming Infinite Keeper; it takes precedence over attacking the boss.
  • Tank — Direct the Temporal Breath frontal away from DPSs and healer. Pull the boss near each Infinite Keeper for efficient cleaving.
  • Healer — Expect Infinity Orb to recur throughout the entire fight, have your cooldowns prepared in case two debuffs go through simultaneously. Promptly dispel Chronal Burn if cast by the Infinite Keeper.

Note: When the boss’s health dwindles to 10%, the liberation of Nozdormu will empower you with additional abilities.

Let’s Summarize!

Mastering the bosses in Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise M+dungeon requires some effort and strategic coordination. Try DPS, tank, or healer roles and find that spec that is close to your playstyle to not only enhance your chances of success but also enjoy the process. For a smoother experience, consider mythic plus boost services, unlocking valuable rewards and achievements available to you in the game. Begin this epic journey with your team, conquer each encounter, and savor the triumphs of the latest expansion.

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